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HMANS - Modern University Campus (Approx. 1000 by 800 blocks)

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How to find on server: /warp HMANS or /warp University

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mista man avatar mista man
Level 41 : Master Sus

Her Majesty's Academy of the Natural Sciences [​HMANS] is an ongoing project to create a fully-navigable modern university campus in minecraft.

Each building is intended to have fully accessible interiors so the campus can be as immersive as possible, making it a good basis for roleplay or photography.

The following areas are currently accesible (Click tabs to see the images):

Security Building
HMANS - Modern University Campus (Approx. 1000 by 800 blocks) Minecraft Map
The humble beginnings of the build.

Features a registration area and a belongings checkpoint, offices for security personnel, an armory and a holding area.
Despite seeming extreme, the high vigilance of the security team is needed to guarantee the continued research partnerships and ventures into new and lucrative technologies, which secure HMANS' position as one of the world's top research institutions.
HMANS - Modern University Campus (Approx. 1000 by 800 blocks) Minecraft Map
Server/CCTV Room

Main Academic Building [MAB]
HMANS - Modern University Campus (Approx. 1000 by 800 blocks) Minecraft MapThe largest building on campus, serving as both an administration and education center. It has the school's logo, a stylized swan, on its side

The Building contains:

West Wing Common Area: with many study spaces (desks as well as colorful study booths), a large spiral staircase, a working elevator and access to many labs/classes

East Wing Cafeteria: with a kitchen, a food storage area with road delivery access, and multiple seating areas

Lecture Halls x2

Main Reception: Featuring a help desk and student services center manned by the most skilled of personnel, access to both wings, and 11 individual offices

East Wing Common Room

MAB Student Cafe: Located above reception, features a fresh food market as well as a cafe/lunch area

Multiple Specialist Labs

Shared Office Spaces x8

HMANS Director's Office

Fully Navigable Roof Infrastructure

Outdoor Dining Area:
Features 2 small fresh food shop stalls and a stage

Accommodation Blocks

Student and staff accommodation blocks, A-F are built in pairs, each building featuring 82 individual, fully furnished apartments, and many shared rooms intended to enhance the student experience

Each Building Contains:

Reception Desk: features a washer/dryer room, a mail box and a staff area

Themed Restaurant: Currently each building has the same sushi bar, however I plan on making the restaurant in each block different

Gym: With locker and shower area

Park: Inbetween a pair of blocks, has a small gazebo in the center

Underground Parking

Old Building [OLD]

Built on a hill overlooking the rest of the campus, the Old Building serves as a reminder of HMANS' long history, it is the only building from the old campus that survived an unfortunate fire. Being a historic site, very minimal modernization was allowed. Currently the building has offices and regular clasrooms, intended to accommodate theoretical lessons and subjects.
(Styled after Oxford Exeter College)
[​Interior Still WIP in sections] 

The Building Contains:

Enterance Hall

First Floor Classroom

Second Floor Classroom x26


Spiral Staircase: Unfortunatley the only way to access other floors in the building

The Old Gazebo: A unique location for students to study or organize performances

Fluid Dynamics Research Building [FDR]

The FDR is a specialist research building located near the coastline. It cointains labs with heavy industrial research equipment.

The Building Contains:

Reception Area: with a backroom for staff and a toilet

Specialised Labs/Classes
: Most rooms feature specialist equipment for carrying out experiments

Main Stairwell

Full Image Gallery:

The build has been ongoing for months there is still lots to be added/improved on:

  • Finish interiors of Old Building

  • Update the build wiht 1.17 blocks

  • Add more details to the forest areas

  • Student Union Building

  • More specialist buildings

  • Misc. student experience buildings (like sports halls)

  • Making a campus map and other graphics

If the map is updated, it may take a while to make a world download, since I will have to clean up some of the areas built on by other players on the server, who may not wish to have their custom apartments/offices published

If you want to look around the map ahead of that join orcacreative.tk and do /warp HMANS or /warp University. Joining the server is also the best way to see any new progress that's been made

The campus also has a secret lab planned underneath it, However it is still heavily WIP, and has a different theme and feel to the overground university, so I am treating it as a seperate build and might create a post for it later down the line.

You can see bits of the lab and some prototype designs for trees and other misc. objects by clipping under the map

Any advice and help with taking pictures/ renders of the build would be appreciated
Creditsmall credit section on a monument near the giant swan statue
Progress65% complete

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Update #1 : by mista man 09/21/2021 10:45:13 amSep 21st, 2021

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09/14/2022 9:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4314695G avatar
The download link is not working. I have a windows 11 pc, and it just opens notepad with the random encrypted text. Please help!
09/18/2022 8:57 pm
Level 41 : Master Sus
mista man
mista man avatar
I checked rn and it seems to be working (I've also got windows 11 so that shouldn't be the problem)

Maybe try downloading it again? If it still dosn't work you can also check out the build by connecting to the orcacreative.tk server and using the /warp University command
12/01/2021 12:55 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
itzfizzywitz avatar
Friend of the creator's here, I've been watching him build this university for the past year and it's honestly extremely well-done. It's definitely worth checking out, whether you download the current download version or hop on the server and take a look!

It's also a great hide and seek map...
10/02/2021 6:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Foxy1009YT avatar
Is there a way to get a 1.12.2 version of this map?
10/03/2021 11:13 am
Level 41 : Master Sus
mista man
mista man avatar
I don't think so, the map uses a lot of blocks that were added in later versions like basalt
09/21/2021 1:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Certifyedxking avatar
I'm very impressed with this you should earn a lot of money out of this spectacular!
08/30/2021 4:55 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Collective
2BeeHoneyBee2 avatar
This is so amazing! And you're actually gonna make a world download for this to be used? That's so sweet man! Hope the rest of the build goes well bud! Can't wait to check this out when it's done!
08/30/2021 3:37 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
MirmanPeterGamer avatar
Impressive build there!
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