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HMS Revenge was a large type 74 gun third rate ship of the line . large means that she has 24 pounders on the upper gun deck instead of the the normal 18 pounders on the upper gun deck of a normal 74 she was launched in 1805 and shortly after served at Trafalgar in Collingwood’s squadron she engaged three 74s and heavily damaging them then she then engaged 112 gun Príncipe de Asturias and thee other two deckers she was heavily damaged but never gave in then two British ships the Dreadnought of 98 guns and Thunderer of 74 guns came to the rescue.
after Trafalgar she served in a couple of smaller actions and in 1849 was scrapped.:(

sorry i haven't posted in a bit but I have a couple of ship lined up to build so I’ll post them accordingly

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