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HMS Victory (1737)

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HMS Victory

Perhaps one of the most famous ships in history, HMS Victory (1765) is the oldest surviving ship of the British Royal Navy, and is currently a museum exhibit at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. This ship has been recreated throughout multiple medias including, obviously, Minecraft. However, a lesser known ship of the same name and a predecessor to The Victory was built in 1733 and launched in 1737. This previous version of The Victory is known for being one of few ships to have four levels to the stern superstructure.

HMS Victory (1737) was a 100-gun first rate ship of the line in the service of the Royal Navy of Great Britain. The ship had a length (gundeck) of 53 m, a beam of 15 m, a draught of 5.5 m, and a hold depth of 6.25 m. The Victory was built as a flagship and was the first ship of the Royal Navy to be outfitted entirely with bronze cannons; this change was done to reduce weight from former cast-iron cannons. The Victory served until 1744 when it sank and tragically lost all of its crew.

Minecraft Build

The build's dimensions are a length of 73 m, a beam of 19 m, a draught of 8 m, and a hold depth of 9 m; this puts the build at a 1.38:1 ratio. The ship has an armament of 124 cannons: Gundeck: 32, Middle Gundeck: 30, Upper Gundeck: 32, Forecastle: 10, Quarterdeck: 14, Poop Deck: 6. Despite being labeled a 100-gun ship, according to the blueprints the ship had 124 cannon ports. The term 100-gun ship was merely meant to identify ships that had 100 cannons or more.

This ship was built as a form of research for a future project of ours on how to build an early 18th century first rate ship of the line. Using a mixture of paintings, pictures of a model of The Victory provided by the Royal Museums of Greenwich, and most notably blueprints of The Victory also provided by the Royal Museums of Greenwich I constructed the first, as far as I've seen, Minecraft model of The Victory (1737). During the process for building this and previous attempts I knew that the blocks provided by vanilla Minecraft would not be enough; therefore, I quite visibly created a resource pack that would provide custom textures such as colored planks, vertical slabs, and the windows on the stern. The windows were made utilizing OptiFine's connected textures feature and most of the stained glass blocks.

Due to time, the blueprints for The Victory that I believe to be of the original ship were in too poor condition to use. Because of this I used blueprints that were made in 1754, which was after the ship had wrecked and were likely drawn from the model in the RMG collection. This means that if the model was inaccurate then the replica I've built will also be. However, I believe that this is the best I could do for making a replica of a ship that was, in my opinion, and very fashionable ship and has yet to be captured in the same way as it's 1765 successor.

Regarding a download for this build: I know many people will want there to be a download; sadly I do not plan on adding a download for the foreseeable future. As much as I would like to put a download, the aforementioned resource pack, which is quite complicated and would not be functional outside the created world, as well as the build being specially made for display and research, the build would be an unsuitable download.


For full resolution images of the renders the build, see the image folder here.

To get a better understanding of the history of this ship, read the HMS Victory (1737) Wikipedia page, which has quite accurate sources.

To see the blueprints of the ship, see this National Maritime Museum webpage.

To see the model of the ship, see this National Maritime Museum webpage.
CreditRoyal Museum of Greenwich, Fredrick Henrif Chapman, Wikipedia, Cinema 4D, Google
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This is very cool!

Britain shall rule the waves!
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It looks really amazing!!! congratulations!!!
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