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Hogwarts - 1.16

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  This project, created entirely by hand and by one person is a project that is the most updated version of Hogwarts built to date, utilizing blocks from the most recent update, 1.16. It is the only Hogwarts to be built in this version, giving it a unique opportunity to capture detail that other Hogwarts' built in Vanilla Minecraft don't have. The project is built in singleplayer and is built on a Flat World in Vanilla, meaning everything you see from terrain, to the castle, was built/placed by hand, making it one of the largest projects to be built by one person, by hand.

The Project:

  The project is a replica of Harry Potters' Hogwarts. As any Harry Potter fan knows, the school changed its design almost every movie, due to this there is no 'correct' way of building it. For this reason this project has mixed a few different versions of Hogwarts together to create an expansive and detailed version that has not been seen in Minecraft before.

About me:

  I'm an experienced builder, having been building in Minecraft for around 7-8 Years. Most of this time has been focused on building Harry Potter related builds, so I'm quite knowledgable when it comes to Harry Potter and in this case, Hogwarts. I'm building this project due to the fact I have always enjoyed building Hogwarts, I also find that there are no Hogwarts' built with the level of detail I believe Hogwarts deserves. This is why I've decided to create this project and build Hogwarts one last time.


  This map is not available for download, nor will it ever be. I am open to partnering with someone / a team for use on a server. If you are interested in my map and are wanting to use it for a server, you can send me a private message here on PMC. However this is an exclusive map, so if it were to be used on a server, it would only be able to be used on one server. This project will be updated regularly, subscribe to follow the project.

Initial Post:

As shown in the photos parts of the school have yet to be detailed, this means windows and texturing haven't been added. There are also parts of the school such as the Training Tower, Greenhouses, Training Grounds, and Greenhouse perimeter wall that have yet to be built. There are also a few details such as the shutters on the windows located on the Quad building and the Viaduct Entrance building that have yet to be decided on whether they're staying or not.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any ideas or suggestions. Though please remember this is not an accurate depiction of any one version of Hogwarts, rather it's a mix of a few different versions as stated above.

Thanks everyone!
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