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Amalfia is the Capital city of the Grand Duchy of Amalfia, a small nation that me and my friend started on a nice RP server called Hollowworld. It will be, hopefully a city of trade and meeting. as always I will build up a grand palace, try to build a working commercial district and much more! Hope you like it!

Here is the Server Webside : http://hollow-world.co.uk.

Its a awesome RP server, best I have played on so far!

We also need people! Citizens are always needed! so come and join us! :D the more we are the more fun well have!
Just contact Etow on their forums if you want to join!
Progress: 100% Complete

Update #4 : 01/11/2017 6:46:30 am1/11/17

Its been some time but I uploaded new pictures :) lotsa stuff has happened since last update like the construction of a awesome new tavern by one of the citiwzens of the city :) I will soon post more pictures !

Update #3 : 11/01/2016 4:29:56 pm11/01/16

Uploade new pictures of the city, mostly of the streets and squares. Like said previously we worked on a new town square which is now half finished(also uploaded picture of that) I also updated the descritpion as we are recruiting for players to be citizens of the city!

Update #2 : 10/29/2016 8:46:49 am10/29/16

added new pictures of the city. Finished the palace renovations. I will do a new post just for the Palace I think. We also started to build a new town square and finished the Duke Drake square (2 new pictures)

Update #1 : 10/22/2016 12:12:05 pm10/22/16

First Update, always love those.. amyn things have been happening in this little upstart city.. First of all like to annouce that the Palace has been completed (pictures been added). and the city generally grew, we also started other projects like a university and a new tavern.. and also need for new houses... Otherwise we will soon get a warp for our city so it will be easiar to get there.

Otherwise this server is great! Best RP server I have played on so far!

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  • January 11, 2017, 4:48 am
looking good!
Thanks :) its a great team efford really, and the RP is rewarding in the end. and a good server in general a lot of good RP happening all around the map.. Amalfia is after all just one of many settlements

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