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Homestuck Custom Map- WIP (SBURB)

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Nichosaur avatar Nichosaur
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
SBURB PreAlpha (PreAlpha for Now)

Okay, So some of my friends and I had this brilliant idea to create SBURB in minecraft and we realise we went in way over our heads here. I believe that this is a lost cause and I will never finish the map. This is why I'm putting the map onto PMC so that someone who has the patience can finish it. I know a lot of people want this and I'll try my best to finish it but I make no promises to finish this. I have been working on this for about 2 days so far and this is where I have gotten.

1. Unfinished Texture Pack

There are multiple things that have been textured but it is still very unfinished.
List of Textured Items:
  • Rotten flesh is textured and called Grist,
  • Furnace is a Cooker as in picture, (one with flame icon)
  • Dispenser is Desk Drawer as in picture,
  • Dropper is Fridge as in picture, (one with snowflake icon)
  • Bow renamed to Rifle
  • Arrow renamed to Ammo
  • Wooden Sword renamed to Hammer
  • Crafting Bench Top retextured to be alchemiter symbol
  • Enchanting Books renamed to Training for Dumbies:
  • Enchantment Levels (Sharpness IV) have been renamed to, in order:
    1. |for Beginners|
    2. |Basics|
    3. |for Intermedietes|
    4. |for the Advanced|
    5. |for Experts|
    6. |for Professionals|
    7. |for the MLG(<---I need to change this but I couldn't think of anything)|
    8. |for the Omniscient|
    9. |for the Infallable|
    10. |for the Gods|

So basically an enchanted book will say something like "Parkour for Beginners", "Knockback Basics" or "Using a Gun for Experts"
  • Enchantments renamed to, in order:
    • Sharpness = Using a Weapon
    • Smite = Slaying Darkness
    • Bane of Arthropods = Spider Slaying (<--- Might need to change this)
    • Knockback = Knockback (Doesn't really need changing but it could become "Brawl")
    • Fire Aspect =  Flame Swords
    • Protection = Armour
    • Fire Protection = Flame Proof Armour
    • Projectile Protection =  Bullet Proof Armour
    • Feather Falling = Parkour
    • Blast Protection = Blast Proof Armour
    • Aqua Affinity = Working in Water
    • Respiration = Holding Breath
    • Efficiency = Efficieny with Tools
    • Silk Touch = Being Careful with Tools
    • Durability = Using Tools
    • Fortune = Luck
    • Power = Using a Gun
    • Flame = Incendiary Ammo
    • Unlimited Ammo= The Secret to Unlimited Ammo
    • Thorns = Counter Attacks
    • There rest should be the originals.

  • Finally, we have retextured blocks to look like the Homestuck comic like cobblestone is pure white and the walls and bed and doors are in a similar fashion.

We have also been working on map elements.
I will list a bunch of elements that I hope will be implemented into the map. (We really need help so if you are good at redstone, send me a message or add me on skype saying you want to help.)
Here are the idea we want to be in the map:
  • Spawn Eggs (will be retextured to be blueprints) will spawn in alchemiters and other builds. (This has been done partially with the alchemiter but overall we need a lot of work with other appliances)
  • Alchemiter will have custom crafting recipes for example [Hammer and fish make the fish hammer](Implemented for some crafting recipes but we need a shit tone more)
  • 4 Player, each person will be switching between client and server mode. Server mode will make you invisible and in survival mode so you can place blocks and alchemiters, you wont be able to fly though and your will be very weak so you cannot kill mobs but you will be invunrable (Hopefully) . Client mode will be at your spawn house and you can use the alchemiter and other things but you can also kill other mobs, you will be able to explore much futher than the server mode player.
  • This one is a long shot but we have been thinking about NPC's who talk to you (not necessarily trolls) and where you can choose options to say things to them and they will be messing up with time and so on. We also want there to be a way where you can fuck up your existance and you all die and are unable to spawn because you have cause your universe to cease to exist.
  • Finally we have been thinking about how to prototype things into a being that gives you puzzles. We have been looking at advanced mob creations and shit and we think that we should make a huge ammount of possibilities of what you can prototype but we wont have all of them. (This means you might not be able to self prototype or prototype your fish hammer)

Hopefully people are willing to help us on this GIANT FUCKING ENDEAVOUR and we really appreiciate all the help we can get at this point. Even ideas and tips are helpful because this is a huge project.

(SkypeAccount: nicholasnds)
(SkypeName: Nick)
Progress5% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Nichosaur 10/28/2014 4:07:51 pmOct 28th, 2014

I have recently had a look at the project and the alchemiter and I have decided to change my idea of special crafting. I am going to go for a method whereby when you put down the alchemiter, the commands will be placed 100 blocks below, the map limit will be that of 200 blocks and the place where you will start will be at the 100 block level and so the alchemiter will have the recipes underneath it by 100 blocks, this is probably the best way to do it for now, this may cause problems for other things like the other placeable buildings. If anyone is good at redstone blocks, it would be greatly appriciated if you would help us out.

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02/07/2019 1:41 am
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Please either finish the map or give us what's done already  
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