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Level 8 : Apprentice Mage

OK, So, I recently "finished" reading Homestuck (Apparently it doesnt have any end), so, out of boredome, I decided to build a Homestuck 'survival' map.
This Map Requires 2 players (Preferably by launching a LAN world for easy communication). One player will be in creative, and act as the Server Host. The 'Server Host' player also cant just build the house. the Other player must bring the player Build Grist (Emeralds) and add one layer of blocks to the height of the house. (Each emerald allows the 'Server Host' to add one block to the building's height)

Also, the player can obtain Dungeon Loot (Placed in a dungeon in a nearby ravine) which counts as 3 emeralds.
The 'Server Host' also can supply the player with food free of cost. its better that way.
The Current Objective is to build the house up until the First Gate is reached. I will add more ways and things to do later. Please leave a comment on how I can make it better and what I could have as a second objective after teh gate is reached


Additional Notes

I will get a world save file as soon as I can
Progress: 50% Complete

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Hey dude. I think it's totally awesome that you did this. I'm a huge homestuck and Minecraft fan and have been looking for something like this for a while. Some suggestions I would make would be to have a teleport command block set up and requiring a lever/ button. When the player has acquired enough grist/emeralds the server player/creative player would supply them with the lever to activate the teleporter, bringing them into the medium and entering their true land. If you are still interested in working on this, I would love to help. My PMC name is (obviously) in my comment, my Minecraft username is josh5548. I not going to post my pesterchum chumhandle here since I might get some trolls that way (human/internet, not alterian) but if your interested in continuing this I would love to help. Tell me if you're interested. Thanks :o)

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