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Minecraft Hong Kong Topographic Map 香港地形圖 (1:10) (PC/Java Edition)

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This is a 1:10 topographic map of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China recreated in Minecraft using WorldPainter.

Facts about Hong Kong:
  • A metropolitan area and special administrative region of China located in the eastern Pearl River Delta by the South China Sea
  • Has a population of around 7.5 million people (2019 estimate)
  • Has a total area of about 1,104 km2
  • Its territory is composed of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Lantau Island, and also more than 200 other islands, containing a total of 18 districts
For more information, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong

Minecraft Hong Kong Topographic Map information:
  • Map dimensions: 5120 m × 3840 m
  • About 1:10 scale of the real Hong Kong map
  • There are no structures or buildings on the map, so feel free to explore around and build whatever you want
  • Map created with WorldPainter version 2.7.10 (https://www.worldpainter.net/)
  • Please use Minecraft PC/Java Edition version 1.12.2 to load the map, as it might not work properly with newer versions
This map is downloadable and the download link to the map is provided above (via MediaFire). Enjoy!

這個是 Minecraft 中華人民共和國香港特別行政區的 1:10 地形圖,是使用 WorldPainter 製作的。

  • 位於南中國海、珠江口東部的一個大都會和中國的特別行政區
  • 人口約 748 萬人 (截至2019年)
  • 總面積約為 1,104 平方公里
  • 全境由香港島、九龍、新界、大嶼山以及超過 200 個其他島嶼構成,共設有18區

Minecraft 香港地形圖資訊:
  • 地圖大小:5120 米 × 3840 米
  • 與真實的香港地圖比例約為 1:10
  • 地圖裏面沒有任何建築物,你可以隨地探索並任意建造
  • 地圖是使用 WorldPainter 2.7.10 版本製作的 (https://www.worldpainter.net/)
  • 請使用 Minecraft PC/Java 1.12.2 版本載入地圖,因為在較新的版本中可能不能夠正常載入
請到頁面上方並使用地圖的下載連結 (MediaFire) 以下載地圖。祝你玩得開心!
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06/01/2020 11:30 pm
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Nice, pretty accurate.
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