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How To Win Bridges (Submarine Base)

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avatar wuff9
Level 24 : Expert Taco
Hello, my IGN is wuff9 (I am the first player to have come up with this btw) and you ahve probaly played the popular game bridges and I have come up with a new way to win. You will need about 10 doors 20-40 signs a torch 10-30 cobble and a axe. You know how if you touch water you die, this takes advantage of it. Step 1, dig to bed rock. Step 2, go to the underground edge of your island bt make sure you point to nthor island because if you move to far in the wrong direction you auto loose. Third place a line of doors into the ocean, since you can walk through doors you can stay underwater without dying (remember take the doors from behind yo uso no one can follow). Lastly when you get to a reasonable distance have a row of doors and place signs on the floor of the ocean and place signs on those signs so you now have an underwater room, make sure to add a roof so you don't get sniped and walls. you can take signs out from the middle of the room since you have a roof and you can plunk down that torch so you have light. Happy bridging.
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