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Huge desert - 11100x7500 [WorldPainter | 1 part of 3] Total Size 40000x40000

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Huge desert - 11100x7500 [WorldPainter | 1 part of 3] Total Size 40000x40000

Desert size: 11100x7500

Total World Size: 40000x40000

The programs I used to create the world:

This is one of the three pieces of my biggest map I've ever had. I'll post it in three posts, because it's unrealistic to fit all the screenshots, all the locations in one post.
As you can see, this is a huge desert location, then there will be a post with the northern continent, and the continent that will be in the middle, with a huge number of different biomes.

Second part of the map

I will be very pleased if you put a diamond on this map, like and leave a comment.

Many of my works cannot be downloaded, I have already described this in my profile. They cannot be downloaded because they are custom made for clients, they are considered exclusive works.

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