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Hyperion - 27,084/hr Item Mob Farm

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ChrisPerson's Avatar ChrisPerson
Level 39 : Artisan Network
This is the Hyperion, probably one of the most compact/simple mob farms of its size and design! Using a variety of techniques, this device spawns and kills enough mobs to grant over 27,000 items per hour - that's enough items to fill around 10 or so double chests!

Simply flip the lever to turn it on, and mobs start spawning (and dying!) immediately. You can keep your items or discard them to prevent lag, and it all happens without lifting a finger!
CreditChunky, a rendering tool that was used to make the (semi)high quality renders shown here
Progress100% complete

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02/16/2015 10:16 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
Chita00's Avatar
06/15/2014 6:45 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Kryppt_'s Avatar
Very cool, you may want to render the images for longer to avoid the areas of pixilated light though
06/15/2014 4:39 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Network
ChrisPerson's Avatar
I know, these images were a little bit iffy. I've done better renders of indoor scenes (check out the first picture for this project for a really good one), but those took 24+ hours of time to achieve really good render quality. I chose to not go to such long lengths for these because a lot of light was just sunlight anyways, and the indoor light was more of an accent in most cases. I would've disabled emitters altogether, but I felt that would've looked very wierd given the high usage of lava and glowstone.
06/15/2014 6:33 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy's Avatar
How do you kill the mobs in lava without the items?
Secondly does it gives you different items, not just from one type of mob?

Instead of water you can use hoppers although those probably can't handel the stream of items. You can also make the waterflow horizontal by using a bottom of ice above the waterflow. Before the waterflow ends put up half slabs atop so the items can go underneath. The ice managed to let them keep moving till in the next waterflow.

It is nice to see you used chunky although I would recommand to let chunky render longer since their is a lot of grain seeable in the pictures.
06/15/2014 4:36 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Network
ChrisPerson's Avatar
It drops everything from creepers, skeletons, zombies, spiders, and witches. In my experiences, it gives everything from common gunpowder and arrows to bottles, glowstone, and redstone, so there's a huge variety of things it can get you. The only mob it really has problems with are witches - it kills with fire/lava, but the witches are smart(er than they should be) and use fire resistance potions.

Anyways, about the waterflow, I tried a variety of ways of carrying items before settling on this method. Hoppers were my first thought, but they couldn't handle the load and they presented the problem of what happens when all available inventories filled up. I settled for a traditional water transport system in the end, but I did put ice on the bottom to speed up the item flow.
06/14/2014 6:16 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
JasonT148796's Avatar
Wow looks sick!
06/14/2014 6:18 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Network
ChrisPerson's Avatar
Thanks! In case you're interested, the software I used to make this is called Chunky - it can be found here.