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Hypixel Bedwars - by MesterMan03 Alpha 0.0.1

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MesterMan03 avatar MesterMan03
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
MC version: 20w49a+
The map is in alpha, so it's still not finished. If I see a comment saying "THIS IS NOT EVEN HYPIXEL BEDWARS I CAN'T EVEN BUY HEAL POOL" I will commit die.

Join my Discord server so you can see the development:

Story ig:

Hello! I'm MesterMan03 and I announce to you my Hypixel Bedwars remake in 100% vanilla.

This project was heavily inspired by TBC_Miles I saw his Bedwars map and got amazed at how well the map was made.

But then I realized something: first, the map's version is 1.13.2, even tho when the map got published we already had 1.15. This lead that the map was really outdated and could be made much cooler, and then I also realized: "Hey man, I'm actually REALLY good at map making, and now that we have 1.16(now 1.17), damn, I think I can do it much better.

So I started working on the map, and the first issue was the shop. In Miles' map, the shop was just a chest minecart which only had 27 items, so most of the items were missing. And after 4 hours of head scratch, I could announce the WORLD'S FIRST EVER(I hope first ever) FULLY-WORKING EASY TO CUSTOMIZE GUI! (*epic sound in the background*). I saw videos about GUI's but they were in 1.9 and I'm pretty sure they had like a million command blocks, and my system only has 4 command lines(or at least the core takes up 4 commands, for it to actually have items, it need a lot more, but still not a million :p)

Now I'm working on this map like every day, and I'm almost done. I have most of the items done, like fireballs (which works like a normal fireball, and only damages you like 1 heart, I'm not kidding), armor, sword, blocks, tools, you name it, and sharpness, protection, and haste is already done too. So because it's still a demo map, it doesn't really have any game logic, I only posted it so that people can play on the prototype(like you still have to give yourself resources, and so on). Oh, btw glasses don't blow up from TNT, and endstone resists fireball damage, cool?

So you MOST likely going to find lots of bugs in the map, but it's just a demo so don't blame me thx.


  • If you want to reset the map (that means all beds are back and everybody will be put back in survival) just type it in: /function bedwars:utils/tempreset P.S.: This function will be removed in the future
  • If you want to change teams just type: /team join white/aqua/yellow/lime/red/gray/blue/pink
I'm glad to hear your feedback about the map, and what do you think about my work. :)

Discord: MesterMan03#8210
CreditAgain, thanks for TBC_Miles, for creating his awesome map and indirecty inspiring me to make my own, check him out! Oh, and I found the image on google published from ig somebody posted it online...
Progress25% complete

1 Update Logs

Alpha 0.0.1 : 02/20/2021 1:43:36 pmFeb 20th

  • Beds are added, so now you can break other team's bed so they final die
  • When you die you revive if you still have your bed or you will be put in spectator forever (or at least until you reset the map)
  • Heal pool upgrade is "added" but because I'm a goodamn idiot I forgot to put an item in the upgrade shop(also if you buy it by running the function for it the heal pool still won't work, because I'm a lazy ass to add one single line of code. duh
NOTE: Texts for respawning bed breaking and final die is unformatted and will be changed in the future
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