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Hyrdinn Main Port of Wendsyl | Complete

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avatar Rack Nation Gaming
Level 25 : Expert Architect
The Town of Hyrdinn created by Rack Nation Gaming.

Hyrdinn is a medieval town located along the sea. This town is the first in the Country/Area of Wendsyl and is also the main port. Hyrdinn is also a big commercial hub, which mainly relies on imports from other areas.

Hyrdinn is not your average medieval city build. The houses are not larger than life, and the town in general has more of a "minecrafty" style. Villagers and Iron Golems roam the streets and each house contains minecraft essentials. Our town is not only great to look at, it is fun to explore as well.

All houses and other structures are uniquely furnished and also have different exteriors. Hyrdinn has many unique NPCs that you can interact with, as well as several quests for the player to complete. Please visit our Weebly site to check out all the information about quests and interactive NPCs.

This town has been a lot of fun to build and watch it spring up from a couple of houses to the massive area it spans across today.

This map was built in 1.8.9 and should be played in that version.

Shaders: Continuum 1.1.5

Resource Pack: John Smith Legacy
Progress100% complete

03/31/2017 8:08 pm
Level 20 : Expert Dragonborn
This looks simply fabulous. I love the dedication displayed here. Good work <3
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