Imperial Dropship and aircrafts

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Level 22 : Expert Engineer
The galaxy of the future is a hostile place for humans. Xenos, extrasolar life forms are widely dispersed, with their own civilizations, profane states, and empires. Millennia ago, the first settlers of humanity faced this cosmic horror with fierce determination, at the cost of losing millions of souls.

The galactic empire of humanity is now a fearsome force in the galaxy. It forms the fully mechanized, mobile and adaptable army for any terrain that the cosmos makes it face. Wherever it goes, it brings death to all the enemies of humanity. It is the dagger that hangs over the heads of the extraterrestrial, it is the purifying fire for profane civilizations and it is an iron fist that holds together the billions of human souls in its vast territories.

To lead the war towards its enemies and maintain a very flexible supply chain and logistics, humanity relies on the help of the Imperial Navy and its space and air vehicles. The navy has the dropships to transport troops, supplies and vehicles to the battlefield. The vast majority of them are heavily armed and others simply serve a specific logistics role within the armed forces.
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