Inanna's Descent Gate 6 Port Town (Nether update of Mantoide's Arabian Town)

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This map is part of the Adventure Map Inanna's Descent to Netherworld and belongs to Gate 6, where I situated the Netherworld domain of Enki, the Sumerian overworld God of water.

The orignal map is from Mantoide , called Arabien Town Map, and you can find it here.

I tried to touch as less as possible, since I consider it a very beautiful alternative of a villager town in an Arabian or Persian style.

Since it is meant to be used in the Netherworld, I broke all beds (at least I hope so), and I change all the materials to entities of the Nether.

All my thanks go to Mantoide who makes the overall feel of our game play much more immersive!
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