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Indian style temple complex ( inspired by the Taj Mahal )

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s_s_n avatar s_s_n
Level 21 : Expert Architect
Hello there !
Back again with an interesting creation this time.

The build showcases a temple surrounded by beautiful gardens and a fortified entrance.
Taj Mahal has been an inspiration for the main temple building and is built accordingly to the real floor plan.
Surrounding buildings are purely imaginary which include two identical pavilions which are built exactly symmetrical to each other, topped by small domes on the corners.
The main temple has a huge dome in the center which can be seen in the central chamber. The main temple has a shape of an octagon and has four towers on the corners. The main temple also has a crypt which is accessible from four sides.
The platform on which the temple is built has symmetrical patterns which also applies for the two pavilions on the either sides.
The main entrance has two bastion like towers topped by smaller domes. All the exterior as well as interior walls are well decorated.
Upon entering, you'll reach inside a hall which has a vaulted ceiling. On either sides are two smaller halls with again beautifully vaulted ceilings.
These halls lead to longer halls on either sides (hall of mirrors) which have beautiful arched walls with white stained glass.
These halls have beautiful ceilings with chandeliers hanged in symmetry.
Every room in this build is well lit and decorated both from inside and outside.
After you step out of the main entrance, you'll come across beautiful gardens and a reflecting pool in the center.
The gardens are symmetrical and were painstakingly difficult to build.
Either sides of the garden have two identical entrances with a blind arched facade and a balcony above them.
Most of the structures have a stairway leading towards the top of the building. All you have to do is just find out such doors ;)
Overall the build is pleasing, attractive, and eye catching.

I'd love to hear suggestions from people and do give me a diamond if you like it :)
With love from India <3


What do you expect in this build ?
- Indian Architecture. Its all about symmetry, patterns, domes, pinnacles and chandeliers.

How long did it take to build this ?
- It took a long time. I have been building this since the day the competition was announced.

Is it 100% complete ?
- Yes it is.

Are there any chances of finding something that is not symmetrical ?
- Yes, since the entire structure was built block by block, you might come across something that is not symmetrical, although the chances are very rare.
Progress100% complete

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12/19/2017 5:34 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
Shizenokami avatar
"inspired by the Taj Mahal"
mmmh ok...
12/20/2017 3:34 am
Level 21 : Expert Architect
s_s_n avatar
Yes. The build is inspired by the Taj Mahal and the main temple is built exactly like the main mausoleum, just like some other submissions are inspired by greek temples.
12/19/2017 2:45 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy avatar
Quite the grand build. Nice detail level made so far. The connection between different parts feels rather bland by just using grass blocks and no flower like blocks.

Also, I agree with the person below regarding the screen-shots.
12/20/2017 3:41 am
Level 21 : Expert Architect
s_s_n avatar
Thanks a lot eagoy. I really appreciate your comment :)
I have made the necessary changes to the screenshots.
The thing about flowers, there are flowers on the edges of the garden. I purposely didnt add any flowers as i wanted a continues feel for the gardens :)
12/20/2017 1:12 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy avatar
No problem,
Looks good now without those item-bars and such. Fine with me, you thought about it.
12/19/2017 2:33 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
QuintenQasxz avatar
wonderful build. too bad your presentation is kind of bad, use F1 to disable your hotbar, and use F2 to take a screenshot of just minecraft, so we don't see the rest of your screen.
12/20/2017 3:43 am
Level 21 : Expert Architect
s_s_n avatar
Thank you QuintenQasxz !
I had no idea that you could disable the hot bar and take screenshots using the f2 key ;)
I'm grateful you told me and i have uploaded new screenshots :)
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