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Isa Minecraft Adventure Map 1.7.2

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Giarth avatar Giarth
Level 36 : Artisan Dragon
This map was made by yours truly and my cousin James!

If you want to make a let's play video go right ahead! And please send it to me so that I can check it out!

Let's Plays:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAEILpf-1H0

After 6 months in the making Isa has finally come to light! With six different towns to explore and six temples to complete. Fight your way through demons in order to collect the ender eyes. But don't think it's gonna be cake walk because you'd be far from right. There are so many challenges and puzzles that you'll lose count! With tons of content and compatible to up to 4 players! So here is the main rule of the map.

The map comes with my own texture pack that is highly recommended you use. I made the zombies look like demons. I also made my own sound effects in the texture pack.

For every player that you add be sure to increase the difficulty.
For single player - Easy
2 players - Normal
3 players - Hard

The rest shall unfold for you within the map itself.

Check out my YouTube channel where I review Minecraft Adventure maps and decide whether or not they deserve to be Forgotten or Salvaged:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBN0Iw7Ky6u8u9DpF_3g_jA

Also, I have a facebook page for all minecrafters to join! If you want to check it out here is the link:https://www.facebook.com/groups/143932215785938/
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01/22/2014 9:25 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
SDSBFAN avatar
I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/22/2014 8:44 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
SDSBFAN avatar
when i go in the building an press the main button and the difficulty then what?
01/22/2014 12:23 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Dragon
Giarth avatar
Your in a huge town, simply find the mayor just like any other adventure rpg and you get the quest.
12/16/2013 11:41 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
sadljfhasdlkjasb avatar
Nice story and stuff dude :D I cant wait to play more of your maps!
12/29/2013 2:25 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Dragon
Giarth avatar
Thanks! I'm actually working on a huge project right now.
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