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Hey there everybody! It's been a while since I last uploaded and I decided to make these two. The Victory Star Frigate-II and the Imperial Star destroyer-II. The Victory Star Frigate was suggested to me by a subscriber so I decided to make it! However, while making it I noticed it was a bit too small so I had to add in something that would measure that out, and I realized I had never made the most classic Imperial ship in the star wars universe. So here it is, the VSF and ISD! Enjoy!

Some Sidenotes:
I've been very busy so I'm sorry about that guys, but I have alot of time on my hands currently as I'm on break so please give me suggestions and I will try my best to make them within this coming week, thank you!

No I haven't seen The Last Jedi so no spoilers!

The ship at the belly of the ISD is actually the Raider-class corvette, known in Battlefront 2 as The Corvus.
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