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Isengard - The Tower of Orthanc

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Orthanc was the black impenetrable tower of Isengard built by the Dúnedain. By the Great Years and the War of the Ring it was possessed by the wizard Saruman. It stood in the centre of the Ring of Isengard, great defensive walls fortified by the early Gondorians.

The tower was constructed out of four piers of stone and then hardened by an unknown process. No known weaponry or magic could harm it that existed on Arda. However, the ents that besieged Isengard during the War of the Ring managed to inflict slight damage on the tower, but their efforts ultimately proved to be futile.

This is my take on The Tower of Orthanc, and the lands surrounding it called Isengard. At the moment this project is in its very early stages and the mountains etc. will be added after the outer wall has been completely finished.

I'll be working on this project for almost every bit of spare time I can find so expect frequent updates!

I would appreciate it if you guys could leave me a diamond if you like the build, and don't hesitate to leave a comment if you feel like I'm doing a good job, or if you'd like to leave me some feedback on what I could do better.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to check my work out.


Orthanc: ~75 blocks by ~250 blocks
The outer ring: ~600 blocks by ~600 blocks


If you'd like to use Isengard for anything. You're allowed to but given credit would be appreciated. Also, show me! ;)

The world requires a special texture pack to get the "obsidian" stairs and slabs on the tower, its an altered version of the John Smith texture pack

TP Link:     www.mediafire.com/?7l2cxs3gdz1y5bb

Update Log:

# 13-12-2014 - Working on the maingate.
# 14-12-2014 - Finishing the wall before selecting the region for the mountain.
# 14-12-2014 - Roughly added the mountainrange around Isengard
# 15-12-2014 - Adding in the river Isen
# 16-12-2014 - Starting some interior work

Progress95% complete

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03/27/2015 4:53 pm
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Wow, this is really cool! Considering the fact i am making an adventure map where the final part is a giat forest leading to a giant tower made of obisdian, this is really freaking awesome!