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Istana Merdeka // Merdeka Palace

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"This is the first and the last time i doing a big scale project in Minecraft. Since December 2017 i work on this palace, with full of detailing and observing about merdeka palace, and finally is finished in July of 2019. Fully completed with all building and interiors of the palace."-

"If you had intrested with my works, and you want to offer some help to make it possible for do a render of building, or amazing cinematic, you must contact me on instagram @president_craft".-

*Nb: @president_craft

The Merdeka Palace(Indonesian: Istana Merdeka; also known in Indonesian as Istana Gambir and during the Dutch colonial times as Paleis te Koningsplein), is one of six presidential palaces in Indonesia. It is located on the north side of the Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta, Indonesia and is used as the official residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The palace was a residence for the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies during the colonial era. In 1949, the palace was renamed Merdeka Palace, "(ke)merdeka(an)" meaning "freedom" or "independence".

The Merdeka Palace is part of the 6.8 hectares (17 acres) Jakarta Presidential Palace Complex, which also includes the Negara Palace, Wisma Negara (state guest house), Sekretariat Negara (State Secretariat), and the Bina Graha building. It is the center of the Indonesian executive authority.

The Indonesian national revolution (1945–1949) ended with the Netherlands' recognition of the Republic of Indonesia. The Indonesian declaration of independence from the Dutch in 1949 was announced in Gambir Palace. During the ceremony, the Dutch flag was substituted with the Flag of Indonesia. Many spectators were rejoicing when the flag was hoisted, and yelled "Merdeka! (Freedom!)". From that moment, Gambir Palace became known as Merdeka Palace. Tony Lovink, the High Commissioner of the Dutch Crown was the last man representing the Dutch power to leave the Palace. The name of the palace officially changed to Istana Merdeka ("Indendepence Place") on 28 December 1949 at 17.55 hours.

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