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Monster Defense - PvE 1.18.1

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JekNJok avatar JekNJok
Level 38 : Artisan System
Monster Defense - PvE 1.18.1 Minecraft Map

Monsters are once again crawling out of the giant Cursed Mine in a rural area around Midland. As the Capital's first line of defense, your squad is tasked to investigate the area, and do anything in your power to stop those monsters from ravaging nearby towns..

JekNJok's Monster Defense is a Solo OR Co-op PvE map where you use RPG-style special abilities, Turret-like Wizard Villagers, your guts, your friends' guts, and more to survive through waves of incoming monsters from the depth of the Cursed Mine.

Monster Defense Version: 1.7
Recommended 1 ~ 4 players.

The successor of Monster Defense is out! Check it out!

Game Features

- Choose between a pool of 40+ different RPG style skills to bring into battle, and discover big combos between them with your fellow Red Cross Knights, collect resources as you clear waves, and purchase Relics that Upgrades and/or Changes
your skills' Effects!

- Strategize with custom Armor and weapon sets that gives unique Stat bonuses, and also custom allied entities that fight mobs for you!

-Battle through 30 waves of unique type of monsters and Bosses with unique mechanics of their own! Can you defeat the Final Boss?

-Complete 50+ Custom Challenges and Advancements!

-Play solo or with your friends and work together to challenge your limits with the new Challenger Mode Difficulty, where you can modify your own high-end difficulty that grants you Trophies and Advancements!

Solo players will get some help from the NPCs.


Skill Usage Tutorial Video:

- Resource pack instant-download link

-The map is pure vanilla Minecraft for version 1.18.1 and its compatible versions.

-If you are in an online server, please enable Command Blocks and Data Packs.

Post Bugs? Have Questions? Join the Discord Community! -

If you're Using my map for any official business, please credit me accordingly!

One more thing!
If you've played this map, please help me by answering this survey here
If you think I deserve some support ~~ here

Tools used:
Advancements Generator by thedestruc7i0n
Heads are taken from
Particle generator
ParticleConverter [ https://github.com/kemo14331/Particle... ]

TextCraft :
Dwarven Stonecraft
All music credits are in the resource file.

Some intended Skill Combos
The following are the skill combinations that I intentionally make. You can draw inspiration from this list to build your own skill loadout, or experimenting with unique mechanics! If you have any suggestions, you can port in the comment down below, or open a discussion in discord, and I'll post it here too!

Sprites Of Amnareth(AAS) into Rimewind Slash(AAS)

Sprites Phase I and any Netherite Sword gives enough Attack stat to produce a full-strength Rimewind Slash.

Righteous Brandishing(AAS) into Mysticus Opus(AAS)
Mysticus Opus just gives too much Strength that it can completely charge up Righteous Brandishing in a short time.

Any active aura skill (Revenant Seance, Sprites Of Amnareth Phase II, Fury of the North, etc.) into Silent Edges(AAS)
Active auras that follow its caster like Revenant Seance and Fury of the North stays active and follows its player during Silent Edges. Take note that the player can move freely around the map using Silent Edges because of spectator mode, just that they will return ONLY when Silent Edges is about to end. Therefore, you can drop Silent Edges in one area and go to another separate area while your aura skill is active.

Infernal Tremor(AS) into any Invulnerability skill (Dance Of Death, Scrounged Eternity, Silent Edges, etc)
The cast delay of Infernal Tremor meant that you have time to cast your invulnerability/shielding skills before Infernal Tremor deals damage to both you and the enemies around you, effectively dealing no damage to you.

Cinderblossom(AS) sets up for Valor Flare(AS) / Firestorm(AS)
Cinderblossom has a long root duration of 3s when it blooms. Using that, Valor Flare or Firestorm can deal its full damage when timed correctly with Cinderblossom.

Scrounged Eternity(AAS) into Burning Rage(AS)
Scrounged Eternity regenerates your HP whenever you take damage during its duration. Burning Rage causes you to take damage over time during its duration too. This means, you can force Scrounged Eternity to heal you using Burning Rage.

Fate's Avowal(AS) into Divine Favor(AAS)
The main problem of Fate's Avowal is that sustaining yourself can be hard in order for this skill to do its thing. Adding to its problem, Invulnerability skills do not proc Fate Avowal's link damage. Therefore Divine Favor is a definite answer, as it gives so much sustain for a very long duration.

Some Interesting Loadout Ideas
The following are just ideas of skill and armor loadouts (that are somewhat tested by me already) for you people that do not want to be bothered to read all the skills and create their own strategies (WHICH YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD). In any case, these ideas may also help you think of many more interesting ideas! (If you have any interesting loadouts you want to share, please post a comment, and maybe I will post it here, too!)

Main Frontliner:
- Sacred Testament (AS)
- Terra Slam (AS)
- Sprites Of Amnareth (AAS)
- Scrounged Eternity (AAS)
- Armor : Full Heavy knight set. Upgrade into Enchanted Paladin set later.

  With an Invulnerability skill, 2 healing, and 1 damage resistance increase skill, you will be the tank that your team needs you to be, and so they can deal their damage to the enemies without interruption. You can also try to deal damage, but your main concern is to survive and kite enemies around, while taking damage like a champ.

Physical Burst Assassin:
- Leaping Slam (AS)
- Sacred Testament (AS)
- Shimmergate (AS)
- Arrow Rain (AS)
- Mysticus Opus (AAS)
- Armor : Red Cross Knight set Upgrade into Capital Banneret later.

  This loadout relies on mobility and dealing Physical damage. Set up your Shimmergate at the base, and go in with Leaping Slam or Mysticus Opus to kill key backline enemies and sustain yourself in battle with Sacred Testament. When you're low, go ahead and retreat using Shimmergate, launch an Arrow Rain from afar. Heal up and Repeat the cycle, and you get yourself a fast-paced character loadout that is very fun to play. There are also various relic upgrade options you can go for, such as upgrading your Arrow Rain with Magma Flint and Upgrading your Mysticus Opus using Unstable Membrane. In the late game, you can learn Righteous Brandishing to deal even more Burst Damage, and cover your AoE and Magic damage needs.

Magical Burst Damager:
- Cinderblossom (AS)
- Aircutters (AS)
- Valor Flare (AS)
- Firestorm (AS)
- Sprites Of Amnareth (AAS)
- Armor : Red Cross Knight set Upgrade into Arbiter Knight later.
  Your job is to pump out as much magical damage as possible onto as many enemies you can hit. Simple, isn't it? All of your Active Skills (AS) have some combo into each other, so be sure to use them properly with each other. This role is sometimes important if your teammates have too much physical damage, but lacks magic damage, (as Physical damage is reduced by Armor). Sprites Of Amnareth gives you versatility and a good path forward to late game when Rimewind Slash (AAS) becomes available.

Mysticus Opus Physical Skirmisher:
- Leaping Slam (AS)
- Sacred Testament (AS)
- Midnight Blade Dance (AAS)
- Mysticus Opus (AAS)
- Armor : Outrider helmet, chest and leggings, but Red Cross Knight Boots. Upgrade into Capital Banneret later.

  The combo is Mysticus Opus -> Midnight Blade Dance, and then go out using Leaping Slam. This loadout is somewhat wacky and fast paced, but really fun to play with. However, you do not have a very high impact skill that you can rely on, so whenver all of your skills are on Cooldown, you're just a sitting duck. In the late game, this build will be very complete with Rimewind Slash or Righteous Brandishing skill, and with the skills' relics.

Crowd-Control and Support Caster:
- Ancient Appraisal (AS) / Arcslinger (AS)
- Chant Of Renewal (AS)
- Northlandar New Moon (AAS) / Will-O-Wisp (AAS)
- Divine Favor (AAS)
- Armor : free choice. Just don't die too much.

  Crowd-Control is a very important aspect in the game, as waves tend to spawn a lot of monsters at once. Therefore, having a good CC skill in a team is essential. Divine Favor and either Norhlandar New Moon or Will-O-Wisp should suffice. And in other times that you're not throwing heavy CC spells, you'll be summoning supportive allies to fight for you through Arcslinger or Ancient Appraisal. These allies can be healed, so you can sustain them easily using Chant of Renewal and/or Divine Favor. Going into the late game, Eye of the Storm (AAS) becomes available for you to do even more CC.

AFK Base Backline Caster:

- Chant Of Renewal (AS)
- Cosmic Incineration (AS)
- Mystical Missile (AAS)
- Ancient Solar Dial (Relic T-8)
- Armor : Outrider full set. Upgrade into Capital Banneret later.

  If you're into more of keeping distance and letting your friends tank and kite enemies for you, then you can just go this build and stay at base. The spells are all very long ranged, so you don't even need to come anywhere less than 20 blocks from enemies. Just throw all your spells on enemies off-cooldown, and you're guaranteed to deal some damage and help your hard working teammates! In the late game, grabbing the Eye of Nyarlanthotep (AAS) will make you even more chilling whilst dealing a ton of damage.

Risky Main Damager:
- Infernal Tremor (AS)
- Chant Of Renewal (AS)
- Black Rose Barrier (AAS)
- Ignis Heart (Relic T-7)
- Armor : Full Red Cross Knight Set. Upgrade into Capital Banneret later.

  Ignis Heart gives you the ability to wipe monsters quickly with your enhanced fire-erupting-melee-attacks, but comes with a hefty price of sacrificing 8 of your HP every time you want to activate it. This is where the Black Rose Barrier comes in, as its shield durability can be very high if enough enemies are hit with its effect. Therefore, with this loadout, you should just charge into hordes of enemies, cast your Black Rose Barrier, and then your Infernal Tremor, and just start whacking monsters out of existence. But beware! You need to pay close attention to your Black Rose Barrier Shield HP, and back off whenever it is too low. This build somewhat falls off in the later parts of the game where enemies can deal too much damage, but fully upgrading your loadout with their respective Relics will be enough. You can also take Gaia's Fissure (AAS) to ensure some CC or Rimewind Slash (AAS) to solve magic damage problems.
Progress100% complete

8 Update Logs

Major Update 1.7 : by JekNJok 01/23/2022 7:02:13 pmJan 23rd

Tutorial on how to use skills now available in-game.
Don't worry, you can skip it if you already knew how to.

Resource Pack is available
Included in the download. If you're setting up server,
you can put this URL for the rp

New Boss

" Mysterious Figure / ???" Boss from [] Midland [].
You can fight him in Challenger Mode by activating the EX Waves contract.
(be careful, he's pretty strong)

Skill Cooldown Display change :
Skills Cooldown and Durations will now be displayed in Seconds, instead of Ticks (finally!)

New Skills :
- Shock Shield (AS)
- Midnight Blade Dance (AAS)
- Leaping Slam (AS)

New Relics :
- Shock Shield's Relic : Staff Of Duzun
- Atlantean Loch's Relic : Primordial Sea Gem
- Leaping Slam's Relic : Adventurer's Emblem

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02/01/2022 9:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Night0717 avatar
Why does it always reset when i re log in?
02/01/2022 3:51 pm
Level 38 : Artisan System
JekNJok avatar
yeah, unfortunately this is what's meant to happen. Though I'm planning to remove it next update.
02/02/2022 12:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Night0717 avatar
Estimated time for the next update?
02/02/2022 1:27 am
Level 38 : Artisan System
JekNJok avatar
around two weeks, but I'm working on another project too, so it may be delayed.
01/27/2022 6:57 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
KwanGaming avatar
On the aternos settings idk if i should enable monsters or just leave it on
01/28/2022 2:17 am
Level 38 : Artisan System
JekNJok avatar
I think you can leave it in.
the game automatically forces gamerule mobSpawning false, so no natural mob spawns can happen.

I'm not sure what Aternos's Enable Monsters mean, so just stay with the default stuff.
01/15/2022 5:42 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Miner
DrSallan avatar
Pretty fun map, a bit overwhelming at first and the fact you get hard reset when everyone dies is a lil bit annoying. Otherwise amazing, love the fact there's no texturepack !!
01/15/2022 9:02 am
Level 1 : New Collective
GreatApple avatar
Great map! 100% would recommend! Me and some of my friends had a ton of fun

Some pros and cons:
A lot of skills to choose from, I find myself keep on replaying to try out all the skills and its upgrade
Varying optional difficulties like the hard and challenger mode is neat
There's some unique experience playing this map in singleplayer and multiplayer.. single you have the NPCs that help you, multi you have friends that also spam skills with you

Can be laggy if too much skills are used in a short time

Some bosses like require some strat, but u cannot go back to choose more skills, so u have to work with wht u have

Arena is a bit too small for fast paced map like this especially in the later part of the game.
12/23/2021 3:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RatJuice avatar
yesterday we played with a friend on the server, I put 12 gigs of RAM on your advice, and we still had 6 or less TPS. I downloaded plugins, they helped, the core was first Paper, then Spigot, in the end we could not buy items, but the TPN became a little higher and it was about 11, the only way to optimize that I see now, you need to transfer half of the commands to data packs, and kill unused residents, it is because of them that the map is mostly lagging
12/24/2021 9:36 pmhistory
Level 38 : Artisan System
JekNJok avatar
Thank You for reporting this issue!
However I do have my suspicions. Your server might be 12 Gigabits (not GigaBytes). This means it equals to about 1.5 Gigabytes only. That's maybe why it experiences heavy tick lag. Because my private testing servers run on 3GB RAM and it is currently giving around 15+ TPS on average.

But I am currently importing a lot more commands into datapacks in courtesy to improving performance even further, but the skills and abilities will be the outmost important first. By the next two updates, I hope to import everything I can into the datapack.
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