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Job Interview - Escape Room Map

avatar bionicat
Level 2 : Apprentice Engineer
Hello! my name is bionicat and I started making maps. This is one of them.

Information on map:
This is an escape room map I finished recently where the narrative is you are there for a job interview and you got locked in a closet. So now you have to find your way back into the reception to actually make it in time. This is part 1 of a future series.

Estimate play time: 15 to 30 minutes

Minecraft version: works best on 1.15.2

Category: Escape room

Settings: Adventure mode, brightness to 40%, no cheating unless you absolutely need to. If you get stuck use /reload to reset the entire map

Video Information: That is the walkthrough should you get stuck and want to finish!
Progress100% complete
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