JR Yamanote & Chuo Sobu E231-500 series commuter train

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avatar The_Growl
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
These set run on the Yamanote line (green) and Chuo Sobu (yellow). Run by JR East, they're a typical portrayal of a Japanese commuter train.

The model made by me includes an interior, with correct seating arrangements, grab poles, and correct ceiling. The simple exterior of bare metal with coloured stripes, line dependent, features accurate rise in roof gradient, and a pantograph well.

If you want to use this model on you map, please credit me, The_Growl, by linking this post or my PMC account. If you want a tutorial on this, please ask.

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Update #1 : 10/02/2016 5:54:02 amOct 2nd, 2016

Added Chuo Sobu yellow.
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