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Jurassic World Lagoon

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This build is from the 2015 franchise of Jurassic World.

Jurassic world is a theme park that takes place over 20 years after the events from the first film of Jurassic park of were you go to an island infested with dinosaurs.

Ive decided to build the lagoon of the movie. were you journey begins on the main street of the park which has lots of restaurants, stores, gift shops and more.

Am currently fixing the exterior of the innovation center and am still missing the Spinosaurus Skeleton to. also the website wouldn't let be put the fixed map of main street so i used the one that i screen-shotted

The way the updates will be of....

Launch 1. finished Main Street

Update 2. T-Rex kingdom/ Paddock 9, Boardwalk West and Boardwalk East.

Update 3. The Gentle giants petting zoo, pachy arena (giant white tents)

Update 4. The Mosasaurus feeding show/ Underwater Observatory.

Update 5. The Aquatic Park

Update 6. Main Gates with Monorail track/station

Update 7. Hilton isla nublar resort

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Progress15% complete

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Update #1 Main street : 06/16/2020 2:14:06 pmJun 16th

Sorry for the extremely long wait. I was taking a break from building, but am putting the download link for the world enjoy.
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