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Modern Home || Survival Facility {+Adv. Dungeon}

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MrGrey 1803 avatar MrGrey 1803
Level 25 : Expert Architect
Hello, My name is Girard and I play Games!

Black & White Studios presents: Paradiso and Orion Facility. The House comes standard with several amenities. These range from a Localized Animal & Vegetable Farm, Brewery, and Crafters Shop, to a fully functioning Minecraft Research Facility, Athletics Course and More!

The Home supports up to 10 Players, comfortably. Several Additional Apartments exist within the Facility as well.

I Stream this Build on Twitch!
Stop by anytime Thursday-Saturday to view the progress on the project!
MrGrey_1803's Twitch Channel

This is a Modern Home, with inspiration taken from Frank Lloyd Wright (Bless his beautiful Soul) and his Falling Water Designs. This main structure took a total of 48 hours, while the total build took about 1 Years worth of (8-12 hours/day 3 days/week)
Including: Fully functional Elevators, Railways, Teleporters, and more!
  *In case the map spawns you elsewhere, the XYZ: -70.457/122.00000/299.589

While this exists as our Sever Spawn-point, minor adjustments for Single Player have been made, better supporting a Survival game-path, while also capable of being optimized for a "Lan Server" and more! (If you'd like to use this on your server, DM me for information and please support Credit for the Build via Site or Server).

Toss a Diamond to your Twitcher, oh Forum of Plenty..?<3

Updates Incoming: 4/30/23
We've been hard at work for the past several months putting together the "Arelith Campus" Expansion. Keep an eye on our Update Log, and see when this update releases! Also catch a peak of the progress via our Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitch! This page will see several changes before then, so stay tuned.

Additional Facility/House Photos:

Modern Home || Survival Facility {+Adv. Dungeon} Minecraft Map

Modern Home || Survival Facility {+Adv. Dungeon} Minecraft Map

Modern Home || Survival Facility {+Adv. Dungeon} Minecraft Map

+Added Apartment/Building Space for Players/Shops/Storage

+Added Prism Survival Facility

+Added Nether Facility

+Added Orion Adventure Dungeon

Resource Pack: Mizunos16Craft
A big THANK YOU to Mizuno for a re-imagining of Minecraft, so truly beautiful, that it brought me back into the game.

Black & White Studios:

Version: 1.19.1
CreditRegretRoulette, MxGold 1803 - for keeping me company, and v-good greebling
Progress100% complete

26 Update Logs

Update #26 : by MrGrey 1803 04/19/2023 6:49:35 pmApr 19th

Looks like I blew past my update window a bit, but work has been extremely busy due to turnover so I apologize.

However, work has definitely still progressed. I've only got some Landscaping, Furnishing and final touches to do on the Dungeon below. So I think this month as a release window isn't too terrible. Enjoy the work so far:

Additions and Updates:

Campus Accommodations
+ Classrooms
+ Lecture Halls
+ Workshops & Labratories
+ Farming Platform
+ Dorms
Campus Amenities
+ Dining Hall
+ Private Study Pods
+ Theater
+ Museum & Gallery
Map Updates
+ World Spawn
+ World Map

We've also still got the original Map Release including the Admin Home and Facility. This also includes an optional Adventure Dungeon which is still being improved as we speak. Love you all and thanks for the support!!


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10/06/2022 9:05 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Dragonrunner702 avatar
10/07/2022 12:56 am
Level 25 : Expert Architect
MrGrey 1803
MrGrey 1803 avatar
1.19.1 but can be seamlessly updated to 1.19.2 with ease. The Campus update will be released in about 30 days. At that time I'll update the map to 1.19.2 as well.
08/02/2022 12:23 am
Level 25 : Expert Architect
MrGrey 1803
MrGrey 1803 avatar
Gonna take a bit of a break for a while; waiting around for World Edit's update before I work on the next set of projects. Hope you guys enjoy and thank you SO much for the support. 815 Downloads?? Wild. Let's get those Diamonds up there! I want people to see this bad boi. Any suggestions or comments are also welcome!
05/08/2022 7:53 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Sanlyn avatar
Hello !
I downloaded the new version of your map and I must say that I'm really impressed !
It's huge and amazing, I love the secret caves and multiplayer adventure game ^^
You deserve more visibility :)
07/27/2022 12:06 am
Level 25 : Expert Architect
MrGrey 1803
MrGrey 1803 avatar
Just put out another large update, increasing the size of those areas you saw before, while adjusting and remodeling some other locations. Adding more on as it goes to the Overworld.
05/08/2022 3:31 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
MrGrey 1803
MrGrey 1803 avatar
:) Thank you so much! I'd love more visibility lol. I've got many more projects planned, and more builds coming to servers.
05/05/2022 12:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4149670G avatar

This project seems litterally awesome ! GJ for work.

However, seems the link is broken. Could u reupload the map ? i'd love to test this :D
05/05/2022 2:34 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
MrGrey 1803
MrGrey 1803 avatar
Should be there, now. (Also if it doesn't spawn you on the bridge, but nearby, I apologize. Having issues with the /SetWorldSpawn command.)
05/05/2022 2:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4149670G avatar
Yeah, the link is ok ! Thank you !!
05/05/2022 2:20 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
MrGrey 1803
MrGrey 1803 avatar
My apologies! Dropbox pulled a fast one on me and turned the link off. Updating now and should be downloadable in a few minutes after this post.
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