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1:1 scale of the H8K2 with the green camouflage and the unpainted livery.

Application: Flying Boat
Manufacturer: Kawanishi Aircraft Company
Operated by: Empire of Japan (Imperial Navy of Japan)
First flight: January 1941
Production: 167 Aircraft
Production started: 1941 - 1944
Start of operation: February 1942
Retired: 1945
Operation status: Retired

What's an H8K?
The Kawanishi H8K (二式飛行艇 Nishiki Hikōtei or Type 2 Flying Boat) code named "Emily" was a flying boat used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service during World War II for maritime patrol duties. Manufactured by the Kawanishi Aircraft Company, the H8K entered production in 1941 and first saw operational use on the night of 4 March 1942 on the second raid of Pearl Harbor. The Kawanishi H8K was a large, four-engine aircraft designed for long range and extended endurance on patrols or bombing missions typically flown alone over the ocean. The prototype first flew in January 1941, and H8K1s made their first combat sortie in March 1942. The robust H8K2 "Emily" flying boat was also fitted with powerful defensive armament, which Allied pilots had substantial respect for wherever this aircraft was encountered in the Pacific theater. Aircraft historian René Francillon called the H8K "the most outstanding water-based combat aircraft of the Second World War."
CreditFelix / SushiItzMe
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Loved it
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