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Kevicston Keep - Exploration Map - Download + Timelapse - #WeAreConquest

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Dukonred1 avatar Dukonred1
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
Located just North of the Sunderlands, across the Rheim River, Kevicston is a fort set on the foothills overlooking the lush Oak Valley. The Rheim is the border between two Kingdoms of the Traagion Empire which have been at odds for little over ten years. Along this stretch of land, the Cadavian Trade Route exists, which supplies a life-line between the temperate bread-basket of the Empire and the Northern, less fertile regions, yet rich in resources. Five years before the construction of Kevicston, a great battle took place as the Lords of the neighboring Kingdom reached an impass of territory disputes along the trade route. The empire, rather than interfereing to prevent this battle, allowed the two sides to meet on field and weaken each other for post political advantage. After a long bloody four days, the two rival Lords called a stalemate and compromised a truce allowing the other to maintain their current territory claims. Five years later, the Northern King ordered the construction of a fort to maintain a foothold on the region and maintain control over the Cadavian Trade Route on their southern-most border. To this day, relations remain tense between the two kingdoms as they continue eyeballing the others' territory and devise plans for their next attack. Many travel through these lands on their journey along the Cadavian Trade Route. Some choosing to stay a little longer to take advantage of the prestiges northern cultures. 

Check out my imgur album, full HD images for your viewing pleasure[Click Me]

There are many secretes around Kevicston to explore and enjoy. Feel free to download and take a look for yourself, but first, please follow instructions to make conquest work correctly on your client. 

The easiet way is to just download the official conquest launcher -  [Click Me]

If that does not work for you, then please download and install the following.


You must be in 1.7.10 minecraft with the conquest texture pack and optifine installed to see this for yourself.  

This requires only the optifine mod, other than that all you need is the conquest resource pack. BE SURE TO HAVE THE 1.7.10 VERSION OF CONQUEST AND BE IN 1.7.10 MINECRAFT.

To see this for yourself, you must download and install the 1.7.10 version of the conquest texture pack - [Click Me]

Do not forget to download and install 1.7.10 optifine - [Click Me] 

I am using the conquest of the sun shaders - [Click Me] 

I build on the ravand.org minecraft server! Come join us :D [Click Me] 

Please do not forget to diamond, comment, and subscribe for more!

You may use this on your server, but may not in any way, shape, or form make money off of it, except for video review/cinematic purposes. PM me for special requests. 


Things to find around Kevicston
Saw Mill / Riverbend Inn / Fisher's Shack / Large Crypt / Manor House / Hunter's Camp / Bear Cave / Merchant's Camp / Shrines / Ruins / Underground Bandit Camp / Clay Quarry / Iron Mine / Kadashi Camp / Dead body being buried / Chest being buried / bee hives / chapel / Weirwood Tree and Ned Stark Grave / Two Farmsteads / Moot / Assassins Hideout / Burnt down house / herbalist's house / sink hole / Wyvern, Monster nest / Bob Ross grave / Secret get-away from keep / Graveyard / And some more things :D enjoy!

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05/13/2016 2:54 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Architect
Hey Dukon! Big fan of your youtube videos! :D
I am creating a medieval/fantasy world with the use of Conquest!
However I don't really know what I'm doing anymore. I have no plan/structure etc.
Do you have any tips for me? It'd be really helpful!
01/10/2016 2:21 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Blockhead
Mine Maus Craft
Mine Maus Craft avatar
Looks very beautiful :-)
01/09/2016 12:39 pm
Level 23 : Expert Miner
TSGroot avatar
Wow, I always wanted to see a brick build with conquest... It looks absolutely incredible duk! Very inspirational
01/09/2016 4:09 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
Dukonred1 avatar
haha thank-you, really glad you liked it! I really wanted to try a brick pallet. Origionally I did not like it and was thinking of changing it to stone, but I'm glad I ended up sticking with it :D
01/09/2016 10:24 am
Level 42 : Master Architect
Redranger avatar
Amazing duky :o
01/09/2016 11:40 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
Dukonred1 avatar
01/09/2016 3:35 am
Level 43 : Master Architect
IGLATMB avatar
very good keep, you are the master builder!
01/09/2016 11:41 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
Dukonred1 avatar
nah, just a builder :D but thank-you, glad ya liked it
01/08/2016 11:30 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Cake
mrpancakestak avatar
Any screen shots without shaders and the texture pack?  Looks well planned out tho nice work :)
01/09/2016 11:42 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
Dukonred1 avatar
no, all texture pack, shaderpack is optional however :D
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