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Khonkaen Airport (Thailand)

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Khonkaen Airport

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About this airport !

Khon Kaen Airport (Thai: ท่าอากาศยานขอนแก่น (IATA: KKC, ICAO: VTUK)) is in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Serving Khon Kaen, a city strategically important for the region's infrastructure both geographically and economically, the airport was upgraded to international standards in 2005 with the opening of a new terminal. It is a few kilometres west of downtown.

The airport is equipped with one jet bridge. The departures hall is on the second floor, which also houses some small shops selling food and gifts, while the arrivals hall is on the first floor as well as a foreign-exchange kiosk. There is a small restaurant on the third floor. The terminal is connected to a large parking lot.

It takes at least 20 minutes to Khon Kaen city centre, and approximately 2 hours to nearby provinces such as Maha Sarakham, Kalasin and Udonthani.
Current conditions of Khon Kaen Airport [5] [edit].
1113 hectares of area
The terminal building is three floors high, total living area of ​​14 000 square meters.
The terminal = 1,000 / hour.
Measuring 45 x 3,050 meter runway.
Parking building a new 143 x 300 meters, landing large aircraft such as the B747-400 aircraft number seven and number 20 AIRBUS A300-600 aircraft.
Park buildings with 80 x 180 meters of 12 B737-400 aircraft fuselage.
The first five floors of the building car park has 650 parking spaces.
Khon Kaen Airport Originally a small airport Located in the heart of the town, away from Bangkok. 450 kilometers north-east of the runway with a gravel size 30 x 1,300 meters without communication aids to air navigation. Signaling Plane - down by the administrative authorities, airports and green flag red signal. When the pilot was safe to bring the plane down.

Governments in the Chom Phon Sarit Thanarat prime minister has seen significant development in the Northeast. A civilization comparable to other sectors of the country, particularly the Northeast. Was chosen as the center of the province. And to develop a central location between the central portion. You can travel to various provinces are easily accessible by car and train in some provinces. But the lack of traveling by plane, which businesses need quick mobility traveling by air, it is necessary and appropriate to open up commercial aviation. By the development of Khon Kaen Airport, but that is not appropriate to enlarge. It is located in the community will not allow the city to expand. The government of the province has increased. No, it has grown to the province provides land for the construction of a new airport to replace the existing airport. The agreement between the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense (Air Force) finally decide which land is public. Located away from the town to the west about 8 kilometers and is suitable to build the airport.

In 2505, the Office of the Civil Aviation Department of Transport, Ministry of Transport. It is the government agency responsible for the construction of a new airport in Khon Kaen. Start by building a Building and temporary shelter (a wooden house) storage engine generator car park of a runway, measures 30 x 1,000 m Lot Size: 60 x 90 m area paved with asphalt.

On February 6, 2506 Aviation Company Limited, now known as Thailand, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (the Company) has led DAGOTA (DC3) seats 28 passengers flew on the route Bangkok - Thailand - Udon Thani - Nakhon Phanom - Thailand - Bangkok to operate. passenger transport Cargo and Mail The route is flown to the province for the first time. From then onwards,

Khon Kaen Airport Airport has announced a license under the Air Navigation Act on August 14, 2506 and subsequently declared a customs airport on August 26, 2534.
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