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Kill The Bunny [1.15.2]

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Kill The Bunny


This map is not compatible with Spigot, if you have any problems, please make sure your server is Vanilla.
Requires the resource pack:

The principle

the red team and the green team compete to win the game. There are 3 game modes:

The classic mode

It's the basic mode, your objective will be to access the enemy base to kill their 2 golems and then destroy the beacon in order to win the game. The beacon only breaks when a certain level of the pickaxe is reached. (default level 3)

A variant exists and is activated by default, it consists in adding kings. To become king you have to kill an enemy player, you would get a beautiful crown and more health points. There can only be one king per team and if your king dies, he will lose his title.

Capture The Flag

You will have your flag to defend and the enemy flag to retrieve and take to your base in order to earn a point. The enemy flag is automatically taken when you are close to it. If you have the misfortune to die with it, It will remain on the ground for 5 seconds if there is ground. Then if no allies come to pick it up, it will resume its place in the enemy base. The team wins the game when it has won a certain number of points. (configurable)

King Conquest

In this mode, you will have to accompany your king to the enemy base to make a conquest. When a king makes a conquest, he will return to the base and earn a point. The team wins the game when it has won a number of conquests. (configurable)

To become king you have to kill an enemy player, you would get a beautiful crown and more health points. There can only be one king per team and if your king dies, he will lose his title.

In order to Win

You will have to be equipped and for that you must kill the poor little rabbits that will appear on your island. Then new rabbits will appear over time, they will give you better parts in order to have better equipment. Two annexed islands, respectively on the left and right, will allow you to exchange, there are 6 villagers who will offer you equipment. Each equipment will be available in 5 levels. To improve your equipment at the upper level you will need your equipment to be at the just lower level. It is therefore impossible to improve your level 3 pickaxe directly to level 5. It will first have to be improved at level 4. For blocks, you will need a pickaxe of the same level or more to be able to destroy them.

Random crates:

An option that will change all your classic exchanges to crates that will give you random equipment.

The Classes

The choice of classes will be very important because they are unique and offer a totally different way of playing. The warrior will make use of his spells with the master to go after the enemies and kill them. The Tank still has a very high resistance and serves the purpose of taking the damage in place of allies. The archer will provide the best remote support. The priest will remain in retreat and heal the wounds of allies. As for the Rusher, he will be able to help his team to go for it or help by creating a diversion. All these classes have 3 spells, the main spell will reload quickly but will have small effects. The secondary normal will be stronger but will recharge more slowly and finally the ultimate spell will be recharged even more slowly but will be very powerful. Like armors, swords and tools, spells can be improved, their effect the bonuses of their improvements is detailed in the small "info" button that will give you all the useful information about your weapons, spells and abilities.

The abilities :

The abilities allow you to specialize your class even more. There are 15 of them, all unique and different, ranging from the invocation of minions to reductions, utilities... Like classes, there can be only one single ability within the same team. Choose your ability carefully and find the best combination of class and ability?

The objects :

Unique objects are available for a few coins.

The key: if the random bonus mode is activated, you will have the chance to buy it. It will unlock the bonus when it is available, a message will notify you when it is available. Once used, your team will receive a bonus or the opposing team will receive a penalty. The bonus is common to your team, so there is no need to buy more than one. If by any chance, you buy the enemy key and use it before they unlock it, you will get their bonuses.

The Cloud bottle: very light, it will create once used, a platform under your feet, useful during falls. This cloud platform will also allow you to jump very high to find the ground more easily because like all clouds this one is ephemeral.

The Money Bag: it allows you to store all your wealth in it. The right click adds coins, a right double-click changes the quantity of impacted coins, a crouched right click: removes the coins, a crouched right double-click: navigates between the different coins.

The piggy bank: unlike the money bag, this piggy bank is collective, anyone on your team can deposit or remove the different coins. It is unbreakable and enemies cannot access it.

The options :

This map is configurable, the interface will allow a simple and fast configuration of your games, you can choose to activate for example the new pvp. (the one in 1.9)

You can also activate the vanilla class, this class has no spell but it does not have the "restriction of the same class by teams".

Why not remove this restriction "from the same team class"?

You can even disable abilities, manage teams and create random teams....

You have understood this, this map is fully configurable.

In summary :

This is what "Kill The Bunny" is all about, I hope you will enjoy it and that it will provide with you intense and unique game times with friends. The future of this map will depend entirely on the feedback it gets, my biggest goal would be to create a single server where you could come anytime with your friends and face each other. There will also be updates of this map, I still have lots of ideas to improve it by adding content, but all this will depend on you. Thank you for reading the article in its entirety and Knock yourself out with the game!
Progress100% complete

6 Update Logs

Update #6 : 01/30/2020 3:24:43 pmJan 30th, 2020

  • Update for version 1.15.2
  • added advancements related to random bonuses
  • added explicative message when a random bonus is available
  • added explicative message for the cloud bottle when it is used for the first time
  • added explicative message for the piggy bank when it is used for the first time
  • fixed: (CTF) When a player has a flag and disconnects with it, the flag will be removed and reappear
  • fixed: when a king disconnects, a new king can be elected in this team, which would result in two kings
  • fixed: archer's arrow rain was not working anymore
  • fixed: when a Rusher used his ultimate spell while riding a horse, he fell into the void
  • fixed: when a particular item (such as spells, pickaxes...) was droop while the inventory at the same time was full, the item could not be given back.
  • fixed: silver coins healed the golems
  • fixed: there were grammatical or syntactic errors in English (If you find any other errors, please send it to me)

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