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King of the Ladder

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Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
King of the Ladder

This is a redstone powered version of the mini-game King of the Ladder (KOTL), created by the Mindcrack server members (guudelp.com/). This mini-game is designed for 2-4 players (or teams).

Rules :
- Climb the ladder and capture the point on top (press your button to capture it)
- Stay on top of the ladder for 40 seconds without any other players capturing it to win the game.

To start a new game, press the button on the Chiseled Stone Brick (between the red wool and the green wool). Before starting a new game, make sure to set your spawn in one of the beds. Wait for all the player to be on the floor to climb the ladder.
When the game is over, a lamp lights up to indicate which player won. You can then start a new game if you want.


But wait, you can create your very own version of the King of the Ladder ! It only uses survival-friendly materials so that you can duplicate it on your survival LAN or SMP world ! Check the inside of the device and feel free to copy it :).

This also includes schematic files for both the redstone device and the shell. There are some signs to help you to customize your own King of the Ladder (e.g. add a scoreboard or an auto-reset system). You can modify it as you want for your own use ; please do not publish a modified version of this King of the Ladder (but send me a PM if you really need to). I'd be glad to see what you come up with :).
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