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Level 23 : Expert uwu
Hi bros,
I havent been active for too long... I played some other games, but i am back in MC again!!! Yaay (I know you don't care...)
Sooo... I made this new map on World Painter in 1 day. It's my first map, so i hope you will enjoy this map :3
I will populate this map with buildings and all other stuff... But it will take some tiiime (a lot), but i will finish it! I MUST!!!

Also, Konosuba does not have any connections with this map, it's just anime but i am not good at naming stuff, sooo... ENJOY ! ! !
You can populate this map with buildings if you want, fell free to download it, also leave a diamond if you like it :3 :3 :3

And, i don't have good pc, i have this crappy little laptop, so my pictures won't be good (I waited for 5 min just to load chuncks for 1 picture :3 )

CreditAll Credit goes to SonicMasterLB for making this thing lol :3
Progress100% complete

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