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The rework of Kyoshi Island is now complete, come check it out!
Kyoshi Island is one of the oldest and most iconic builds in the server dating back to 2015, and our builders really outdid themselves!
You can now see all the major reworks done to the main Kyoshi Village, the Kyoshi Shrine, Chinhei Village and Matsu Village, and of course the fantastically scary Unagi.


Kyoshi Island
Kyoshi Island is located off the southern-western coast of the Earth Kingdom and dotted with many small villages. It was created artificially by Avatar Kyoshi when she split the Yokoya Peninsula from the mainland, to protect it from the invasion of Chin the Conqueror in 270 BG. Predominantly a fishing port, this small island in the South Sea is a popular destination among traders and travellers.
It is now known as the adopted home of Avatar Kyoshi and the residence of the elite Kyoshi Warriors, an all-female fighting group.
As a result, every village on the island hosts a statue of its revered Avatar, and the village she called home features a shrine dedicated to her.
The island is characterized by its relative seclusion and temperate climate. The seas surrounding the island feature unique sea life such as the enormous Elephant Koi Fish, known for their expensive meat value, and the giant Unagi terrorizing the waters of Kyoshi Bay.

Kyoshi Main Village
The Main Village is the largest on the island and is devoted to Avatar Kyoshi. It is known primarily for its farming and unique fabric making, as well as being the home of the famous Kyoshi warriors. This village's main landmark is the large statue of Avatar Kyoshi, made to honour her memory for generations to come. The village also features a large Town Hall and a dojo where the Kyoshi warriors train every day.

Kyoshi Shrine
Kyoshi Shrine is dedicated to Avatar Kyoshi. It is located on the northernmost cliffs, where the Avatar herself split the Yokoya Peninsula from the mainland, to protect it from the invasion of Chin the Conqueror in 270 BG. This shrine hosts relics belonging to the Avatar including her kimono, boots, headdress and iconic fans. There is also a large painting depicting the exact moment of the day the new island of Kyoshi was created, nowadays known as "The Birth of Kyoshi".

Kyoshi Mansion
The Kyoshi Mansion is a large estate built by Jianzhu (the Earth Sage who was one of the world's leading politicians during the late 4th and early 3rd century BG) to house a fake Avatar named Yun. This mansion was originally Avatar Kyoshi's adopted home that later became her primary residence. Unfortunately, during a battle between Yun and Avatar Kyoshi, the mansion was destroyed. Decades later it was reconstructed by Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors with the help of the Earth King, as a gift to their tribute to the Kingdom during the 100-year war. The mansion is now used as the historical and sacred site for Avatar Kyoshi, featuring lavish decorations with many artifacts from all four nations, surrounded by a garden and an arena for training.

Matsu Village
Matsu Village is a small hunting village known for its meat industry and hunting culture. This is the smallest and youngest village on Kyoshi Island and was constructed as an outpost for hunters working in the forest. The village's main landmarks are a large tavern, a market, a port and, of course, a statue of Avatar Kyoshi overlooking the beach.

Chinhei Village
Chinhei Village is a large village on the west coast of Kyoshi Island. It was founded by an Earth Kingdom shipping company to provide safe docking on the island, away from the Unagi in Kyoshi Bay. This village is primarily known for its fishing industry and its most famous tea-brewing shop, "The Elephant Koi." This village features a large port and a lighthouse, as well as a statue of Avatar Kyoshi overlooking the village.

Visit Kyoshi Island today!

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Some descriptions are based on Ba Sing Se Wiki and Avatar Wiki.
CreditSpecial thanks to all our builders, architects, artists, and game engineers, who worked hard on both the original Kyoshi Island (2005) and this rework!
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