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Land Of The Rising Sun reworked

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Reworked version of the Land of the rising sun Map. If you allready played the older version you will love this one. Good railway connections with minecarts from town to town. Pyramids, underground structures,spaceships,waterworlds,redstone parks, big dungeons and many other adventures are waiting for you to explore.

The aliens have landed and are now helping the society of the villagers to grow. They allready defended the villagers in many battles from the bad guys.

But some of the aliens started to test out all the destructive stuff when they first arrived at this world. They burned down the capital, drowned many people and animals with big water and lava floodings and made giant explosions for fun.. not every alien is a benelovent one.

One special alien made it to his calling to repair all the damage the other aliens caused and bring back a fluent life to the villagers that they can live without the fear of the dark.

This map includes all biomes and was first created on the 1.12 version,

now it's fully upgraded to 1.18.1

Will you find all the eastereqgs?

Progress100% complete

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