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Land of Ya'Kal Josn (PMC Build Event sponsored by NVIDIA)

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Overlord_Aqua_2 avatar Overlord_Aqua_2
Level 53 : Grandmaster Guard
Land of Ya'Kal Josn (PMC Build Event sponsored by NVIDIA) Minecraft Map
Hello everyone. This is my submission for Minecraft Open Community Event sponsored by NVIDIA.

Here are some of the templates that I used in the map. It's not much but just to add some details on the surrounding.

Land of Ya'Kal Josn (PMC Build Event sponsored by NVIDIA) Minecraft Map

Giant Tree:
The 1st creation for the contest. The idea for this creation is to make a giant tree with a village surrounding it. An additions are trees, mushrooms, flowers, and the yellow glowing crystals. Another idea that came into my mind is to add some floating docks for additional houses.
Land of Ya'Kal Josn (PMC Build Event sponsored by NVIDIA) Minecraft Map

Ice Mountain:
The ice mountain village is a little touch for the map near the giant tree. It only have a village and mountainside docks. Similar to the yellow floating crystals, I added floating ice crystals in the village to get in touch with the ice nature.

The last addition for the creation. First step I made is to spread floating red crystals around the volcano. Next is to create the big red crystal in the center of the volcano. An addition that came in my mind is to add the dragon bones and make the center the dragon's lair. Lastly, floating docks and a different airship than the others docked in a big hangar.

Mod Used:
► WorldEdit
► OptiFine

Minecraft Version:
► 1.17.1
CreditNVIDIA and McMeddon
Progress100% complete

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12/04/2021 3:53 pm
Level 48 : Master Toast
A_Bread_Boii avatar
:D looks amazing aqua!
12/04/2021 2:39 am
Level 38 : Artisan Loremaster
Giancarlovan avatar
I love how the buildings and crystals fit really well with the background terrain!
12/03/2021 3:47 pmhistory
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
Shrewbloom avatar
im making a shader review video could i use this in the video i will give credit of course btw
(also download doesnt work)
12/05/2021 12:56 amhistory
Level 53 : Grandmaster Guard
Overlord_Aqua_2 avatar
Sorry for the late comment. Thank you. I grant you permission to make a video of it. I relink the download page. See if it works now.
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