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LANDS - Regions and Wonders

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Level 28 : Expert Architect
LANDS - Regions and Wonders v.4

Discord here

Twitch building streams

Welcome to explore LANDS project! How should I play this map, you ask? Well it's up to you. You can explore the map with creative, adventure or just start your own custom survival world, just little bit additional stuff there with you. There's also optional transportation and quest system if you want to use those. The map is also made to be quite roleplay friendly, so maybe a rp server...!? But anyway you start at the Spawn Island and from there you can start your exploring journey, there are different cities, towns and other wonders to find! Use the digital map (the second image) as your tool to navigate and have fun! More cities and other awesomeness are being built, just wait for the next update!

Quick FAQ:
Do I need mods?
What version do I use?
-1.18 and up.
Can I download the map for free?
Do you use world edit or other similar tools for building?
-as of update v.4 I will start to use world edit to landscaping and other building if needed.
Can I use this map as x kind of world or make it into a server?
-as long as the credit for the map goes to me, sure.
Do you broadcast your live building?
-sometimes, check the Twitch link.
- BSL shaders and for your immersion I would suggest using Winthor Medieval resource pack
Spawn coordinates:
-1775 21 2179

more questions? -come ask them in discord!


v.3.2 focuses
adding details and explanations to different systems (trading, transportation)
city fixes!
OFF GAME focus: making a new digital map!

v.3.3 focuses
city fixes!
more details and completed villages

v.3.4 focuses
more infrastructure and roads
city fixes!

v.4 focuses
city and town fixes!
more details and infrastructure!
new landscaping and terraforming with world edit!
new borders to the map (Circle Line)
new digital map

v.4.1 focuses
city fixes and expansion!
port/harbor and boat update! part 1 note: and lighthouses
landscaping part 1! note: complete newly designed mountains (in some areas)
new areas!?
road paving and infrastructure!
other things?! note: new minigame locations, new prison, new fighting stadiums

v.4.2 focuses
port and boat update part 2
landscaping part 2
other fixes and expansion
Progress100% complete

16 Update Logs

Small christmas patch! : by Samppwli 12/16/2021 3:43:09 pmDec 16th, 2021

Small christmas patch, spawnpoint and other stuff fixed!

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There will be v 4.2 update logs
10/08/2021 3:21 pm
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Onii-chan uwu
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Is this an adventure map or building map?
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