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Langenau Nuclear Power Station (V2)

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AlbertKeinstein avatar AlbertKeinstein
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
This is my first project and I hope you like it!
But what is it -- As the name suggests, it's a nuclear power plant. It's fictional and features a reactor based on everything I know about boiling water reactors (General Electric's BWR) and GEH's ABWR.
It's close to the city of Langenau (which I didn't build). A fictional place on the Baltic Sea and in Germany
Note: Of course, I didn't build the entire Baltic Sea so just act like the sea is the Baltic sea.
Electrical Output: 460 MW
Thermal Output: 2400 MW

Not for Bedrock Edition.

Please tell me if you find any mistakes or the map doesn't work.

Leave the link to this site in the description if you use this map for a video.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Version #2 : by AlbertKeinstein 11/19/2022 3:22:19 pmNov 19th

-Complete overhaul of the turbine hall, the condensers and the reactor building.
-added recirculation pumps, hydraulic control rod drives, core catcher, torus, ...
-removed coolant pumps
-removed steam generators (I am ashamed that I added them in the first place...)

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