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Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
In this map you and your friends can either fight or try and survive on an island that is going to be covered by lava.

To install unzip the folder named UNZIP ME then in that folder there should be two other folders called Lava Island - PvP and Lava Island - Survival

choose the version you want to play and put it into a server or your saves folder.

Whats the difference between survival and pvp?

Lava Island - PvP is once you die you will be turned to spectator mode.

Lava Island - Survival is just normal respawning.

To start the game have the admin do /function l:start to start a 10 minute countdown before the lava starts to rise.

10 minutes after the lava starts to rise, everyone will get a boost giving them cobblestone, bread, and fire resistance for 30 seconds.
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