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Lava Run {4 - 8 Player Survive/Kill map}

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Hey guys! X marks it here, for another deathmatch'y type of map :D

This map requires 1 person on each team (Total 4) To play, it can do 2 players per team as well (Total 8). It requires you to mine, build and kill to survive. There are chests dotted around the huge tunnel you are in, but you must build upward to receive the "Better" Items...

Upon night, it becomes dangerous and risky when around other players. Play and you will see why. It only takes one small push and you will die.

(Recommended: Put the server on Easy, mobs will be allowed and at night it is hilarious to watch people panic.)

The higher you go on the map, the better equipment and ores you will receive. The ores "Start" and "End" are marked by the team coloured circles on the wall.

Small minor rules (Sorry, needs to be rules...):

1. No building outside of the map...That is why there is LAVA OUT THERE DUMBY!

2. No setting any blocks, lava, traps in peoples spawn...That is not the way to make friends. ;n;

3. No stealing from other team spawn chests...

4. No hiding stuff in your team chests...Or you are a jerk turkey.

5. Camping is allowed. Just not in your spawn okay?

6. Last one alive is the WINNER! Now do your victory suicide jump!~

Hope you enjoy this map as much as I have enjoyed making it. I'll see you on the next map I make!~ ^^

UPDATED: There is now a second slot of stone blocks behind the mining ones. So wool blocks shouldn't randomly combust for no reason.

Additional Notes

- Play it in survival okay? For those of you who don't know just type /gamemode 0

- Sleeping in beds is for if you have only 1 person on each team. Then you can use the 2nd chest as a means of a ''2nd life''

Tip: Mining a few blocks and using a fire resistance potion, you can upscale the tunnel from outside and surprise enemies by mining in on them.

Tip: Keep moving, placing traps is fine, but your wool blocks will constantly be setting on fire. So do whatever you are doing and get moving!
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Update #1 : 10/10/2013 5:50:29 pmOct 10th, 2013

+ 2nd stage of stone to block wool from randomly combusting.

- Changed some of the items found in chests.
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