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Le Chateau de Franconville

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avatar Log414
Level 24 : Expert Lumberjack
My latst build based on the Chateau de Franconville in France. Hopefully it looks realistic and you enjoy how it looks.  I know not everything is exact but I wasnt really going for that I just overall liked the shape and designs used in the building so I decided to recreate in minecraft! Why not riight? Everything was built by me except for the trees which were imported. If you want the trees yourself go check out KenoFox's profile. Hope you guys enjoy it. ~Log414

Texture Pack: Atherys Ascended

Not reuquired but recommended.

Feel free to use this build however you like besides reposting it aS your own build.
CreditTrees from Keno's tree pack
Progress100% complete

10/08/2014 1:02 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
Diamonded and subbed. :D
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