Le Skyblook de Chez ---UPDATED AGAIN---

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avatar AstroL1ghtz
Level 35 : Artisan Taco
Welcome to Skyblook de Chez, your island away from everyone. Literally. It's in the freaking sky!!!

Get your tools ready, cause this is gonna be an adventure you (probably might) forget! Get yourself a cobble generator, and make some bank!

Wanna get more items and blocks? Head on over to the Sky Shop, where we have (probably) everything you need! Want to become more powerful? Get to a certain part in the map, and you can visit Devil's Realm, the opposite of Sky Shop, but with more valuables!

Also contains some epic secrets and stuff for you to look for!

Enjoy your stay at Skyblook de Chez!

(Also, my advice: save up for the Project X47C, it will REALLY help you with your mining!!!)


VERSION: 1.12.2

That's it

(Also with the updates, if you don't want to start over, which you probably don't, just use something like WorldEdit and copy your island if you want.)
CreditMe, Me, and only Me
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2: Also Important Update : 08/10/2020 11:04:23 pmAug 10th

-Fixed some exploits
-Fixed more item names going off screan
-Nerfed some trades
-Added more trades
-Made the map actually possible now (sorry i forogt some stuff :/)
-Added a little secret: Find my super hidden secret, and you will be rewarded with something SPECIAL!!! (hint: it blends with the ground)
-Fixed diamond fountain upgrade not actually working
-Fixed previous Update Log's typos
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