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Leafy Mansion Ultra + Leafy Building Ultra

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Level 11 : Journeyman Cow
This world is basically a pair of big buildings, both of which have big surrounding outdoor areas, and a road between them. It is in a super flat world, and this pair of buildings can be used as a template for any potential city you can make.

Note that this world is based on the Leafy Mansion Ultra, the latter world being the same as this world, but without the other building facing it.


In this world, the two buildings are:
*An over-the-top, arguably futuristic and enormous full-fledged mansion with three base floors, a roof garden with a guest house, a large outdoor area and a large underground floor underneath the entirety of the mansion.
*An over-the-top, arguably futuristic and enormous full-fledged public building with five floors (excluding the incomplete ground floor), a roof garden, a big outdoor area, and a few surrounding buildings, including a small museum, a bar, a restaurant, and an indoor pool.


Here is a little history for both of the buildings: originally, I built both of these buildings in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (in a separate world for each building), and that time was probably the first time in a while that I decided to build something serious in Minecraft. The bad news here was that both of the worlds were corrupted. However, the good news for that was that I was lucky enough to screenshot all four sides of both buildings, which was enough for me to be able to replicate them in this world. I decided to replicate both buildings in the same world because it would be nice to visit both buildings at once.
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