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Leonidas Class Aircraft Carrier (Fictional)

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leonidas class is a class of 2 aircraft carriers build on the hellenic shipyards for the hellenic navy.
those ships design to carry more than 30 aircraft and with an armament comperable to a cruiser.
the programm begun at may 1 2032 and took 1 and half year to complete the first ship.
the second ship needed more time to complete because of an incident in the control room and needed repairs.
the first ship leonidas became the flagship of the hellenic navy.




speed:28 knots max

range:15.357 kh at 18 knots

displacement:48.407 tons max

complement:574 crew 127 aircrew


troops:up to 790

vehicles:8 MBTS,5 armored vehicles

boats:8 fast crafts,4 escape boats,1 tank transport craft

this ship is featured on map that i made a year ago

ENJOY :D !!!!!
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