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Leviathan-Class Frigate

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Level 28 : Expert Narwhal
Built for Norzeteus Space Resource Pack by Norzeteus.


The Leviathan-Class Frigate is the most widely-used ship amongst the U.N.A.F.'s larger classes. being so widely distributed, the Leviathan forms the backbone of most larger U.N.A.F. fleets. It was developed from C.E. 2332 to 2338, when it subsequently entered service and mass production.

Leviathans are designed to be able to serve a number of purposes in the U.N.A.F. First of all, the Leviathan is a carrier. The Leviathan can hold up to 84 Dart Starfighters, up to 6 Hellcat gunships, and up to 4 Raptor bombers in the large hangar situated near the center of the ship. This army of small crafts is very capable of protecting the Leviathan from most dangers, decimating opposing ships, and razing enemy bunkers, bases, and cities.

Secondly, the Leviathan is a battleship. The Leviathan is heavily armed, boasting 2 front-mounted Class-5 fully-automatic depleted uranium shell cannons and 4 side-mounted Class-7 fully-automatic long range explosive cannons. In addition, 24 fully-automatic plasma turrets are mounted on top of the hull to defend against attackers. Finally, the Leviathan's arsenal is headlined by a front-mounted thermonuclear warhead cannon, capable of dealing devastating damage to enemy ships.

Finally, the Leviathan can serve as a home and base of operations for ground troops. Equipped with quarters, living space, and rations to support 250 men and women for up to a month without resupply, the Leviathan provides a comfortable home away from home for many thousands of U.N.A.F. troops. Additionally, the Leviathan is equipped with 26 drop pods, allowing soldiers to be fully equipped and deployed into the field at a moment's notice.

While intruders are a rare occurrence and can usually be fought off by the many soldiers who reside on board, the Leviathan has systems in place to prevent a large-scale hijacking that could result in the theft of valuable military information and technology. The first line of defense is the ship's doors and hatches, which have their sealing mechanisms positioned to prevent the spread of intruders through the ship. The Leviathan is also equipped with 26 escape pods, each containing materials and rations designed to keep up to 10 occupants alive long enough for them to be retrieved by a search and rescue force. As a last resort, the Leviathan's fusion reactor can be overloaded, destroying a large section of the ship's posterior.

Technical Information

206L x 123W x 52H (64H w/antenae)
675.9L x 403.5W x 170.6H (210H w/ antenae)
Hangar Capacity
  • 84 Darts
  • 6 Hellcats
  • 4 Raptors
Max Warp Distance
Max Velocity
~250,000,000 kph (~155,340,000 mph)
Max Velocity (Atmospheric)
~3,500 kph (~2,170 mph)
  • 2x Fully-Automatic Depleted Uranium Shell Cannon (max 1200 rpm each)
  • 4x Fully-Automatic Long-Range Explosive Cannon(max 12 shots per minute or 240 rpm at 20 rounds per shot)
  • 24x Fully-Automatic Plasma Dual Turret (max 300 rpm)
  • 1x Plasma Warhead Launcher
2x Class-A Graviton Reactor
  • 1 captain
  • 6 pilots
  • 16 navigators
  • 4 hangar control personnel
  • 1 hangar overseer
  • 84 Dart pilots
  • 12 Hellcat personnel
  • 8 Raptor personnel
  • 6 reactor control personnel
  • 1 reactor supervisor
  • 5 reactor maintenance workers
  • 26 gunners
  • 10 kitchen personnel
  • 5 mechanics
  • 3 general maintenance personnel
  • up to 62 passengers / foot soldiers including up to 5 officers
  • Air: 250,000 man-hours
  • Food: rations for 250 for 30 days
  • Water: 3,000,000L (792,516 gal)

Desk of:
Commander Archibald Haddock
Office of Naval Technology
United Nations Armed Forces

Author's Note
As of the most recent update, the "Depleted Uranium Shells" spawn a few meters (blocks) in front of the muzzle. This is to circumvent an issue where, if you travel too far in the direction of the projectiles while the weapon is firing, it causes explosions to occur at the spawn point of the "shells." I do not know the cause of this issue, but spawning the projectiles a few blocks in front of the muzzle prevents the explosions from damaging the structure of the ship.
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by xCaptainHaddockx 08/21/2016 11:37:26 amAug 21st, 2016

-Changed projectile velocity to increase effectiveness

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08/12/2016 5:24 pm
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Laserbilly avatar
Very nicely done!
08/14/2016 9:38 pm
Level 28 : Expert Narwhal
xCaptainHaddockx avatar
Much appreciated! Coming from you, that means a lot.
08/03/2016 4:55 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
PiratesBaseball avatar
This is amazing :)
08/03/2016 5:17 pm
Level 28 : Expert Narwhal
xCaptainHaddockx avatar
Thank you! :D
08/03/2016 6:16 am
Level 32 : Artisan Procrastinator
Achroknight avatar
As the I can se from the slopes in the Turret picture, you have used mods, what r those mods please?
08/03/2016 10:51 am
Level 28 : Expert Narwhal
xCaptainHaddockx avatar
No, no mods were used. The Norzeteus Space resource pack uses some original models made by the creator to replace some of Minecraft's vanilla models. Those fancy-looking slopes are really just ordinary oak stairs.
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