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Liberty Ship 1:1 (Interior)

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Here is my attempt at recreating a WWII-era Liberty Ship. Just over 2,700 of these magnificent cargo ships were constructed during the war, and two continue to operate as floating museums to the present day. I gave this design an approximate interior. It isn't perfect because the walls in real life were not a meter thick. Either way, I believe that this is a worthy and functional ship that would look great in any world. For those of you looking to import it via the schematic, the bottom 8 blocks should be underwater. This build also uses items from the Nether Update so you will have to use a newer version of Minecraft to see everything. The interior was designed in a way that interpreted original design plans but made slight alterations to be functional in-game. The 5 cargo holds are empty so that you are able to fill them with whatever you want to. In the true spirit of Lend-Lease, I release this ship in both world file and schem file formats for you to do as you wish. Please feel free to use this design in any way you would like. Feel free to make alterations to it, put it in your world, use it in your own maps, put it in videos, or anything else not listed here.
CreditCommentered on PMC inspired the AA gun designs.
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