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Life on a Gas Giant

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DJ_Grafsky avatar DJ_Grafsky
Level 36 : Artisan Goblin
What is it like living on a gas giant? What is it like living on a planet where solid surface isn't a thing?

It is 2048, in search of new places to live on people decide to create a first of its kind - base on a gas giant. Their choice falls on Jupiter.

GGB - 1 is the latest development of Chinese scientists. It was a special base designed to withstand harsh Jupiter climate and weather. It was located in the North Tropical Zone, on the atmospheric boundary, where temperature ranges from -120 Celsius to 100 Celsius.
Everyone knew that it was a great risk - Jupiter is an extremely radioactive planet, also frequent comet impacts and its wild temperatures make it unsuitable for life. But ... have you ever heard of diamond rains that occur there? Nevermind, what I'm trying to say is GGB mission was a bad idea and everyone knew it.
But you know, Chinese said that it was a technological breakthrough - a base, levitating in air, capable of moving.
Everyone believed them, except for me.

28th of December, another typical day
on the GGB - 1 base. No signs of any trouble. After lunch captain Makari said that something was worng with the hardware and there was a chance of a storm happening soon. Suddenly the main generator stopped working. It was the time when panic hit us. The storms are harsh on the Jupiter... Our base wasn't designed to withstand temperatures of over 300 Celsius.
But somehow we survived. The main generator broke during the storm and we are still using the spare ones. Captain says that it won't work for more than a week. Everyone in the crew still thinks that GGB - 1 is slowly leaving the planet, its only me and Makari who know that Jupiter's gravity is too strong.
With love,
your husband Konnel.

Thanks for your attention! ^^

The base has a crew of 24 people. It has everything that a usual astronaut needs - a canteen (with a kitchen of course), a laboratory, a small gym, a garden to plant some potato, an infirmary, a workshop and a couple of utility rooms.
The project was inspired by an image I randomly found on google xp It took me about 3 days c: I could make this build bigger, but I'm too lazy.

If you like what you see, consider giving this project a diamond ;)
MC version 1.12.2

The GGB - 1

Using the build
If you will use this build on your servers, maps or projects, be polite and post a link to my PMC page.
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09/10/2019 9:02 am
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan avatar
It looks really familiar! Where'd you get the inspiration for this wonderful build?
08/16/2019 1:30 pm
Level 45 : Master Fish
Very fun concept, awesome build!
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