Lily - Connections Lost [WIP] [1.16 Adventure Map]

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What is Lily - Connections Lost?

Lily - Connections Lost is an upcoming 1.16 adventure map created by saladbowls and Hithcrew. Development started for Lily back in March of 2020 and has been worked on since. It is currently 43% finished.

Hithcrew and I have been working very hard to create a unique and unforgettable adventure and story experience. We have always strived for the best quality to give everyone a fun and memorable adventure map experience. We also hope that we encourage many young map makers to create and inspire others.

What Minecraft Version will I Need?

Lily is planned to be the latest version of Java Edition Minecraft (This implies that Mojang doesn't change commands and makes something to fix almost impossible).

How long will Lily take to complete from start to finish?

Currently, there is no exact time frame because the map is still massive in development. Still, the estimated gameplay goal is around 5-9 hours.

Can I play Lily with my friends?

Currently, Lily does not support multiplayer and will be a singleplayer map. Do not worry, though, multiplayer could be possibly added in the future!

When will Lily be 100% completed?

At the time of writing this, map completion is expected to be around May of 2021. This date could fluctuate since the map is still in heavy development.

What unique features does Lily have to offer?

Lily has many unique features that it offers, such as custom mobs, loot, and weapons. It also includes an additional music resource pack and a custom resource pack that adds new retextured weapons. Lily also features a difficulty system that can be changed whenever you want to even out your play style. The Shop is also another feature that will help you in defeating the force of evil. You can buy new weapons, armor, potions, or even upgrade your base stats with XP Levels! Featuring 14 playable missions and 12+ different and unique boss fights, you better come prepared and ready for the challenges ahead! There are also parkour challenges, puzzles, mazes, and so much more to give the map variety!

What is Lily - Connections Lost About?

Lily - Connections Lost is about a story of a girl kidnapped by a force of evil, and you must stop them before they can take over the entire universe. You, the player, must travel through many unique places and dimensions to stop this force of evil. Along by your side is your villager companion, Jerry (and no, not Hypixel's Skyblock Jerry :P). It is up to you and only you to prevent the universe from being put in evil hands. Do you have what it takes to take on this challenge?

Custom Loot and Weapons
Throughout the map, you will be able to obtain different kinds of custom weapons. If you're lucky enough, you might stumble upon a weapon with its custom ability! There are over 30+ new weapon textures thanks to Custom Model Data, which got added in 1.14.

The Sand Sword is one of the many custom weapons you will encounter while playing through this map!

Custom Mobs
You will have to fight many monsters throughout your adventurous journey. These are not just your average classic zombie or skeleton. They have armor, weapons, and a means to kill anything in sight, so you better be ready to fight these mobs, because they can take a punch and give one back!

The bloodthirsty Vine Warrior is one of the many mobs that you will find along your journey. Stay clear!

Lily - Connections Lost
A Minecraft Adventure Map Created by saladbowls and Hithcrew

Commands and Map Functions - saladbowls
Builds and Structures - Hithcrew
Storyline - saladbowls

A HUGE thank you to the Beta Testers who have tested this map so far -

Custom Music provided by TeknoAXE, Kevin Macleod, Jason Shaw, and Twin Musicom

Special thanks to 6_Black_Bird_6 and Cavinator1

Title Artwork - saladbowls

saladbowls and Hithcrew present...

Lily - Connections Lost

Disclaimer - The characters, names and events in this map are fictional. Any resemblance or similarity to any actual events, entities, or persons, whether living or dead is entirely coincidental.

© 2020. "Lily - Connections Lost" All rights reserved.
This content may not be redistributed without permission from the creators.

Other Information

- If you want to be the first to see new teasers and trailers, be sure to come and check out our Discord server! You can chat with other members, discuss different topics, and do so much more!

- This map's development was inspired by the Assassin of Steve Trilogy by Cavinator1, Herobrine's Mansion by Hypixel, and Across the Time by Piccomaster. Check their maps out!

- Be sure to be subscribed to saladbowls' YouTube channel to be notified when a teaser/trailer comes out!
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Nice Nice!
I'm interested to play your Map. :)
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