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This was one of my first builds, I wanted a BIG excavator in my quarry, It didn't matter that it was a old cable-shovel. In REAL life this machine was a Monster

The big Lima 2400 was a heavy-duty machine in every respect, some say over-designed. But that's probably what contributed to its reputation as a tough, reliable digging machine. As a 6-yard shovel it weighed 218 tons, and the 4-yard high-lift version with 67-foot boom tipped the scales at 250 tons. Crawler shoes of 55 inches or 63 inches wide were carried on the 25-foot-long crawler assemblies. Standard dragline buckets up to 8 cubic yards could be swung on a 120-foot boom. A Caterpillar D379 developing up to 547 flywheel horsepower supplied the diesel power.

Introduced in 1948, the Lima 2400 was designed by the Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio, famous for its railroad locomotives. It followed a succession of Lima cable excavators first launched in 1928 after the company purchased the Ohio Power Shovel Co.

The 2400 became one of the most successful models produced by the company with more than 650 shipped to customers around the world. It reigned supreme for more than three decades, serving the small to medium surface mines in America's Midwest and taking part in some of North America's largest construction projects, such as the St. Lawrence Seaway in Quebec. Some 72 were shipped to the United Kingdom where the 2400 became the backbone of the opencast coal-mining industry until the mid-1970s. In 1969, an upgraded 2400B model appeared that sold well until the Lima plant closed in 1981. The company became part of the Clark Equipment organization

Minecraft 1.12.2 - BPS 1.1 HD pack - 2:1 Scale

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Wave Creations - Original Builder, of the recycling center in the background. . . jwterry_1965 - added buildings and new roads

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