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London, Capital of the British Empire, built entirely in survival on the Piratecraft server.

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Petalface avatar Petalface
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
London, the ultimate province and capital of the British Empire.

Construction started in 2014 under Crazypirate's first term as Prime Minister, during a time of explosive expansion after the peace treaty ending the TUPE - EE - BE war was signed. This prosperous time saw much in the way of construction however was, of course, not to last. The defection of two British government officials to the elves sparked an internal crisis that saw ambitious build projects like this stuck with little to no leadership as the government took its time properly assessing individuals before appointing replacements. Distractions in the form of the Elven ball massacre and the war against the Outlaws caused further delays, until the project was all but abandoned.

The elections of 2016 saw London as a major talking point, with Bislo winning on the promise to kickstart its construction. Assigned to oversee this job day to day was newly appointed Home secretary Petalface, an architect previously commissioned on the Buckingham Palace project. With the focus of the entire empire on it, London entered its greatest period of expansion. Infrastructure like transcontinental railways, shops, banks, monuments and embassies sprang up over time as, with the triumph over CoV, the British Empire entered its fourth era: Eminence.

However, with the removal of the main antagonists leaving a vacuum, various new pirate crews began to appear. Many of the great military minds of the British Empire began to trickle away as they realised these pirate crews could offer something the tightly structured empire could not - freedom to kill. As a lack of military conflicts caused more soldiers to leave, the empire began to lose its status as the new military powerhouse until, inevitably, the balance of power once more began to favor barbarism.

2017 saw the beginning of Portsmouth, the new dock district of London. A huge potion factory was built under the eye of Admiral Browe, who used the place to supply marines, and various ships were built and docked. During 2019 London was deemed to have achieved the goals the original planners set out, and the focus of the empire shifted from the now reasonably complete city to the new venture of Ceylon - a south eastern colony with a strong naval presence.

Today, London is the home of various British officials and citizens, as well as a few trusted members of other nations. Through its monumental size and exquisite detailing the city represents the power and establishment of the British Empire, the oldest active crew and one of the worlds greatest economic powers.

About the BE:

The primary interest of the BE has always been the security of its citizens and colonies. Originally founded as a tight-knit defensive alliance of civil players, it swiftly grew into a global community within a matter of weeks. A secondary goal of the BE is expansion. New territories are accepted into the empire with open arms so long as the residents are deemed trustworthy. Existing colonies are encouraged to develop infrastructure and recruit fresh citizens. Construction projects and promotion of commerce have kept the British population wealthy and productive. Over the years the BE has proved itself an effective state and emerged unscathed from server-wide wars which ended up destroying many communities for good.

For more, see: wiki.piratemc.com/British_Empire

To join the server, use the IP: mc.piratemc.com

To see the images in better quality: imgur.com/a/y9Igqn8
CreditTaulov, Lazydog, Emielreijs, Harry_Mason, Crazypirate, Paulonfire, Browe, And many others
Progress100% complete

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The Empire would be proud.
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