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Level 25 : Expert Architect
Lost Crusade

Fragments of Johan Wolf diary o first officer of Drednought Olimpic.

Day 2

We left New Heaven full of faith and fierceness. Lead by proper anger, heading to unknown lands to spread Word of the Lord. With sword and fire we will burn down heretic faith. Priests prepare to rite which will send fleet on the Hell Sea. (o ¦)

Day 31

Bloody storm scattered ships all over the sea. We dono t know were is rest of the crusade. We are maneuvering in rough conditions among rocks protruding from lava. Observers every moment raise the alarm. Hot air prevents reliable assessment. Deep probes are broken. God help us.

Day 33

It has become. Drednought crashed at nights on the rocks. Damages are serious. Among rasps and screeches Olimpic layed on rocks and lava flooded the lowest decks. Next morning we found that we are at the end of the travel. In front of us on rocks loomed giant fortress. Grim, monochrome, confusing like all this land. Soon on rocks which Olimpic rammed, swarmed of strange looking like pigs creatures. They surprised us because they dont behave hostile. Preferably they were interested in our ship. However trials of any communication faded on nothing.

Day 36

This night we woke up alarmed by observers. Local inhabitants started to dismember our ship. They took some of bent golden tinwares of the plating which triumphally took to the fortress. Against advices captain didno t commanded armed interwention. Probably he is also afraid of vastness of this structure which spreads in front of us. Passivity of captain concerned Inquisitor and Priests.

In effect on night events we strengthen the bridgehead and exposure the guards.

Day 39

Locals came back. This time they didno t looked so innocently. They held golden swords. I dono t know how they reforged metal so fast. Probably they didno t know yet that gold is poor material for a weapon. From their screams and growls we could know that they were demanding something. Anyway it looked like this. At least they forced the bridgehead but warning firing colled them down. They left clearly dissatisfied. Today briefing ended with argue between Captain and Inquisitor. I sense that serious troubles are coming.

Day 43

Locals haveno t appeared yet. It looks like they are watching us from walls of this exorbitant stronghold but they dono t disturb us. Scouts reported that stronghold carries on along the coast. Its just huge. The longer I look at it, the more it seems familiar. Captains and Inquisitors conflict tightens up.

Day 45

Our bridgehead placed in front of the structure looks ridiculously small. Deployment is difficult because of adverse placement of the dreadnought. Built ramps didno t improved situation. If we start to fight here it will be exceptionally hard. I sleep worse. Nightmares haunt me. Something is lurking deep in darkness.

Day 47

Two guards from night watch disappeared. Desertion on this inhospitable wilderness? Or planned activity of those bloody creatures? Inquisitor has no doubt, all the time he is talking about attack on the hostiles. But when Im looking at those walls I think he is insane.

Day 48

So war! Patrol sent down the gates has been slaughtered. Only one who survived mumbles incomprehensible about three headed creature. Inquisitor though Captains protests ordered setup of the war crusade banner. God have mercy on us.

Day 53

Firing the walls is not effective. Stronghold stands intact. Interestingly despite our unfavorable position no one is shooting at us. Maybe they dono t know any of ranged weapons techniques? Only nights are nightmares. Without warning fire appears wreaking death and destruction. From time to time upon our heads spreads strange sound which means that fireball is coming. Assaults of natives on our positions are bringing more and more victims. Hospital is full. Only hope that our engineers will dig under down the walls to destroy them. However works go reluctantly. Only building a footbridge costed us several of good men. I cant focus. From stronghold spreads imploring melody of hoarse voices and fades only for a short time. Inquisitor says that it is part of their pagan rites.

Day 60

Melody faded for a good. Stronghold is open. We walk on extincted streets of this city without understanding to the end of what had happened. Buildings look uninhabited. Like those who left them didno t really knew how to use them. Incomprehensible, nightmarish, monochromatic world filled with

Labyrinths passages and tunnels. Every moment I loose direction and only voices of my companions lead me on good way. Worse it seems to me like I know those buildings. They look factitious reflection of New Heaven. Have we came back to home?

Day 64

Plague spreads in camp. Sick covered in lichens and bladders scream wildly or rave about coming the Lord of Darkness. Strange but they are starting to look like natives. In head some voice calls me, screams. I reject those thoughts but I dono t know how long I can handle it.

Day 65

I look at my reflection in a mirror. Deformed, flattened outstanding nose, pendulous straight eyebrows, rheumy eyes. Im becoming a native in the accompaniment of mad thoughts. I almost cant write, I almost cant focus. I know that lord of this land is coming to show us gist of the world. He will bring us enlightenment. I feel that I will grab my new golden sword soon to get rid of those who didno t understood where our place is. I cant even fight with fate. I dono t even want too ¦

Day 66

I still remember who I was. However it doesno t have meaning anymore. There are more pressing matters. It appears that some ship crashed on the coast. We have to take care of the crewo ¦

(incomprehensible signs)
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09/29/2013 10:08 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga avatar
Ha! I thought the reaper is just pasted in with photoshop... This is gorgeous! :O
09/08/2013 8:01 am
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Pancake slayer
Pancake slayer avatar
supremely cool
09/05/2013 8:23 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Terraformer
Ivain avatar
Hm, the only serious Competitor to 'Glimmer in the Mist'
09/05/2013 5:53 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Button Pusher
deathcrest5 avatar
true true
09/03/2013 9:53 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
zecksegur avatar
how do you build something like that lich thing in the sky?! My thought process could never contemplate all that detail work out of nothing... very impressive.
09/01/2013 1:07 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Pony
ZYXW avatar
same blocks al the time + to repetive try to get more dif colour block in this and you wil get high
09/02/2013 11:46 am
Level 27 : Expert Blockhead
Kevot avatar
Uh? It's a "Nether" themed Castle. What did you expect? I think it looks great.
09/02/2013 5:45 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Architect
DustyDesigns avatar
Detail loses detail if one colour is used.
09/03/2013 7:41 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
Arkfantas avatar
Yeah I agree with these two guys your detail sucks right now, you can easily get creative the excuse of just using netherbrick is a pretty bad one no offense, and your cover photo could be better just saying :/
09/05/2013 8:25 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Terraformer
Ivain avatar
The cover photo is quite good, but on the reast i agree. just because you are supposed to make a 'nether' empire doesnt mean you can only use netherbrick. Quartz, for instance, is also a nether material. and the dark purplish browm of netherbrick contrasts nicely with it.
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