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dagothagahnim avatar dagothagahnim
Level 69 : High Grandmaster uwu
This is a Tavern/Inn design I am submitting for my charter on the Lord of the Craft SMP RP server. Details below.

-The architecture on the surface will be stone and wood/logs in a grand Tavern design, and the rooms themselves will be tailored to the different races, with 2-3 rooms made for each race.
-The main floor of the Inn will have a fireplace, sitting room, tables, and bar. Upstairs will be a balcony area overlooking the fireplace below, and my personal quarters.
-The floors of the inn will be themed each floor in the following manner:
-2nd Floor: 2 Luxury Suites: VIP rooms that can be rented out for a premium price, with room service being provided (will install a redstone switch that will turn on/off a light at the bar to notify Innkeeper {me} to come up to the room)
-2nd Floor: Innkeepero s Room will be up here as well, only accessible by ladder from behind the bar.
-Main Floor: Tavern- Planked floors, fireplace, pictures, tables, chairs, and bar. The heart of the building.
-Sublevel 1: Storage- Only accessible by ladder from behind the main flooro s bar.
-Sublevel 1: Library- for guest enjoyment and relaxation. I will also read books written by players and purchase good ones to keep in the library, and will sell copies of anything in stock if people want them.
-Sublevel 2: Human Rooms- To be done in stone and wood, with wool carpet and a painting.
-Sublevel 2: Elven Rooms- To be done in logs and leaves/vines, with grassy floor and water.
-Sublevel 3: Dwarven Rooms- To be done all in stone carving, with small fireplace.
-Sublevel 3: Orcish Rooms- To be done in Sandstone, with small fireplace and Sand flooring.
Progress100% complete

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03/25/2012 11:38 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Robot
Theo-Rev avatar
wooo lord of the craft
03/25/2012 6:20 pm
Level 69 : High Grandmaster uwu
dagothagahnim avatar
:D got this tavern made, the upper floors exactly but I compressed the 3 basements into 2 basements to fit it all on a cliffside.

edit: on the LotC server that is.
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